Bookcase Club Children’s Book Box Review + Unboxing | January 2017

bookcase club review january
Bookcase Club is a monthly book subscription box with a wide variety of genre options. This review is of their children’s book box. Upon subscribing you’ll choose the age and gender of your child and Bookcase Club will send you 3 books hand chosen for your child. Subscriptions are $9.99 +shipping
*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the bookcase club box
Our first glimpse inside the Bookcase Club Box for children for January
what's in the children's bookcase club january box
Everything that we received in our Bookcase Club January Box. 4 fun and colorful books this month!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert had a little Dr. Seuss quote
The reverse had a word puzzle
murilla gorilla by jennifer lloyd
This cute book is the first in the Murilla Gorilla series and follows Murilla on a new case of Ms. Chimpanzees stolen muffins!
The images are bright and cheery
And the story is fun and makes a great early reader!
aw, nuts by rob mcclurken
This cute book is great for boys. A fast paced book with lost of good old fashioned onomatopoeia!
This squirrel is just trying to get his acorn!
Is is sad that we almost typed :LOL: here?
Definitely a fun and easy read for before bedtime!
crankenstein by samantha berger
This hilarious book is great for kids and fun for parents. Believe us, we’ve experienced Crankenstein’s here and there and they are nothing to mess around with!
This book is just a list of things that make Crankenstein (or you can just go right ahead and add any kids name + enstein) CRANKY!
No, not rain… watering the plants again!
And of course you can always see Crankenstein in lines. We can’t really blame him then, though.
the adventures of the owl and the pussycat by coral rumble
This cute picture book wins cutest book award this month! A book full of fun and pretend. The bright pictures and whimsical story will certainly captivate kids of all ages! This book is actually based on an Edward Lear poem!
Under water!
Oh no! Not crab claws!!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Bookcase Club Children’s Box is a fun way to keep your child interested and engaged in reading! The presentation is awesome. The new packaging is very cool and everything arrives exactly as it should. The quality is awesome! These are all high quality, hard bound books and we just love the images! The curation is excellent. This is a great variety and our children love all of these titles!

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