Skinfix Hand Repair Cream Review

skinfix hand repair cream review
Skinfix is an industry leader in skincare – and they do it naturally! We received a few tubes of their Hand Repair Cream that are great at healing eczema and extremely dry and chapped hands. 

*product was received free for review

So tell us more!

Let’s just start from the top here… it’s cold outside. The only thing that’s exposed more than your hands in this harsh weather is your face and we know you’re taking care of that. But for your hands (particularly if you suffer from eczema) is this amazing Hand Repair Cream from Skinfix. We’ve been using their intensive lip balm in our before bed routine for MONTHS and are just tickled with the results – so when this showed up on our doorstep we couldn’t wait to test it out. 
Made with Sweet Almond Oil, Colloidal Oatmeal, Shea Butter and botanical extracts this all natural skin cream contains NO fragrance, parabens, phthalates or steroids. It’s accepted by the National Eczema Foundation and is also cruelty free. And because it’s made in Canada you know they know a little something something about the cold! You can buy this on the Skinfix Website for $11.99

Alright so what are your thoughts?

We personally do not suffer from Eczema but Penelope does and we are honestly so thrilled that this came into our lives!
There’s no scent to speak of – and the formula is thick which is essential in rebuilding the delicate skin barrier. I had Penny use this whenever she felt like she might need it, her eczema is limited to just her hands (primarily between her fingers). After the first application there was a reduction in itching immediately. And after just TWO DAYS there was a major reduction in redness and the eczema patches themselves appear to have shrank. 
We asked her, her thoughts on this cream and she was nothing less than thrilled that she has this. As far as an everyday hand cream we recommend using right before bed or before going out into the cold. It’s extremely hydrating and provides ample barrier protection! We love the Skinfix line and really love their stance on all natural and chemical free skincare products that work!

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