Zocalo Foods Pan Dulce Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | January 2017

zocalo foods pan dulce subscription review
Zocalo Foods Mexican Pan Dulce Subscription sends a monthly assortment of pan dulce or Mexican Sweet Bread. Each box contains 15 breads in a variety of flavors (you can let them know if there are any that you prefer) and either Abuelita Hot Chocolate or Ibarra Hot Chocolate.Subscriptions are $26.95 monthly
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the zocalo pan dulce box
Our first glimpse inside the Zocalo Pan Dulce Box. 
What's in the zocalo pan dulce box
Everything that we received. A total of 15 breads and 2 hot chocolate tablets. Dessert for days!!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
The inside gives you a brief history of Mexican Bread and it’s influences and varieties. There’s also reheating instructions. 
The reverse gives nutrition facts
Yummy. The flaky outer crust of these is delightful!
And of course because we’re nice we had to share these with the kids!
These are the most traditionally bread like
The kids had never had any pan dulce before so they were in love… instantly
We were too!
Cookies? You bet we were eating these faster than we could unwrap them!
There was quite a variety – and although this one broke it was still delicious!
This sprinkled cookie broke as well but tasted delicious. We love that they are packaged individually for this very reason
The most coveted by the children we received two of these breads that look a bit like eyes…
They are so beautiful!
A lot like a very large, sweet croissant you can definitely see the French influence in this one!
Unfortunately the names of many of these delicious breads eludes us. Looking online was a bit fun but heeded very little results so we will show images with our thoughts. This bread is much like a concha and it very well may be. We love the criss cross with the red showing. These breads are art!
Our absolute favorite! This tastes like crunchy pie crust dusted with cinnamon and sugar. It is absolutely phenomenal!
This bread has the flaky white outside like a concha with a gorgeous red inside
Very yummy!
This final bread is the most dense and it’s the only one we haven’t tried yet!
There were two Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate Tablets included in this box. If you haven’t tried this before – do it!
Mix one tablet with 4 cups of milk and warm over medium heat
You can smell the subtle spices that make this so unique! We served this as a special treat for the kids! 

So in summary

We can’t break Zocalo Pan Dulce down the way we do our typical subscriptions. We know what we’re getting when we subscribe. What we’re paying for is the ease with which we receive these delicious and absolutely gorgeous sweet breads. Our eyes have been opened with this box and whether you are longing for a familiar treat or just like branching out with flavor this is the subscription box for you

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