Veeda Natural Tampon and Pad Review

veeda tampon Review
Veeda makes premium cotton pads and tampons without the premium price. What’s special about these isn’t what they have… its what they don’t have. And that’s harmful chemicals and additives and also just plain old 100% cotton.
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veeda ultra thin pads
Veeda offers a variety of products. Here are their natural cotton liners. Each is made with 100% cotton and costs just $4.79 for 40!
veeda natural cotton tampons
Veeda tampons range in absorbency from lite all the way to super plus. It’s important to note that they contain no rayons, synthetics, toxins, pesticides, herbicides, or dyes and fragrances. Each 16 count package costs $5.97
natural cotton ultra thin day pads
These all day pads seem almost invisible with a convenient wing these pads really offer great absorbency and protection with so much comfort. As with all Veeda products there’s no dyes, fragrances, chemicals, nothing – just cotton. Each 14 count package costs $4.49
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