Allure Beauty Thrills Review + Unboxing | December 2017

allure beauty thrills review
Allure Beauty Thills is a quarterly subscription that sends a huge assortment of essentials in bath, beauty, makeup and skincare each season. Subscriptions are $49.99 + a $10 shipping fee.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
our first look inside the allure beauty thrills box
Our first glimpse inside the Allure Beauty Thrills Box
what's inside the Allure Beauty Thrills Box
Everything that we received in the Allure Beauty Thrills Box. WOWSERS! There is so much in here! Where do we even start!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert and a bit about the charitable organization a portion of the proceeds went to this season DKMS
glov makeup remover
This microfiber cloth slides on your fingertips for easy removal of makeup, cleansing and toning with just water!
arm & hammer truly radiant toothpaste
Ain’t even gonna’ lie… we’re a little bit brand loyal to Arm & Hammer and we always love getting toothpaste (just one less thing we will have to buy at the store!)
impress gel manicure
This pretty rose and gold set gives you an effortless mani in just minutes. We really like the imPRESS press on’s so we are excited to have received these!
We really like these – we have the pink that we received in a recent beauty box. Glad that we got one… a tad less loud!
Chaptick Total Hydration in Merlot
We have a ton of these but we have to admit they are great to have in these cold winter months!
arm & hammer spin brush
This is cool and a big reason why we wanted to try out an Allure Beauty Thrills Box… so many useful items!
Sixthirteen by chaz dean
HOLY MOLY is this expensive. Really nice moisturizer and it smells great but that price though….
rituals yogi flow shower foam
Already a Rituals believer because of some past products that we’ve received in boxes we are more than happy to have received this!
rimmel london moisture renew lipstick
Love this pretty purple tube! This dewy lipstick leaves a fresh and glossy coat on color on your lips while simultaneously hydrating!
This is the same swatch we did in our unboxing – it’s a little faded buy you can see here how dewy it is!
not your mothers plump for joy
We love the Not Your Mother’s line but fear we won’t use this, alas we just don’t need lift or thickening for our hair!
cetaphil moisturizing cream
We’re kind of tired of seeing Cetaphil everywhere but we’ll pass this on to Penny who uses creams like these on her hands
unwash bio cleansing conditioner
When we first unboxed this we were really bummed that this was just a conditioner. Now having looked at the pamphlet it looks as though this conditioner cleans hair as well without lifting the natural oils and stripping hair. Love the packaging and are super excited to use this
We’ll give these a try but the package looked sort of opened when we unboxed it – we’ll have to inspect further
redken triple take 32 hairspray
Serious hold without the serious crunch. We trust and love Redken products and while we don’t use hairspray much we’ll have it around just in case!
simple hydrating cleansing oil
Made with grapeseed oil this can be used as a makeup remover and cleansing oil. Cleansing oils are new to us and we are falling in love. This is a more “commercial” brand so we aren’t sure what to expect… we’ll let you guys know!
dessange hair replenishing oil
This “Oleo Miracle” turns overprocessed, dry and damaged hair glorious again. We love hair oils and serums and are tickled to have received this!

So in summary

This box is incredible – not only is the variety insanely amazing it’s also STUFFED to the gills with items and the value is amazing. We were surprised that the box was so small but after we opening it up and got inside we were not disappointed. This box costs $49.99 and for that we received about $210 in items which is INSANE! Love this box will definitely be purchasing the spring when it comes around!

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