Jessie’s Specialty Snacks Subscription Box Review + Coupon | January 2017

jessie's speciatly snack review
Jessie’s Specialty Snack Subscription is a monthly jerky subscription that has a number of awesome options; there’s the Just for Me for $15, the Shareable Jerky Snack Pack (what we’re reviewing today) for $25, and the Protein Punch Snack Pack for $44.99. You can specify your likes and dislikes and any customizations you’d like upon subscribing! Use code ASHELI upon subscribing to receive a free ounce of jerky!
*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the jessies subscription box
Our first glimpse inside the Jessie’s Specialty Snack Subscription Box
Love the message inside
what's in the jessie's specialty snack subscription
Everything that we received in our Jessie’s Specialty Snack Subscription Box.
There is so much in here! 

So what is all this stuff?

We received two boxes of Sour Sweethearts Candies. In celebration of the season of course!
Two packages (a total of 16 stickers) were also included – so much fun!
Buffalo Bills Premium Hickory Beef Jerky
This 1.5 ounce package of jerky was probably our personal favorite. It had a great meaty flavor, perfect texture and big juicy chunks. This was the most simple of the jerky’s that we received but was absolutely tasty!
buffalo bills western cut cajun beef jerky
Another delicious jerky this Western Cut Jerky is Cajun flavored and pretty spicy. Mr. I’m Not a Tree loved this one! 
As you can see there are big flakes of red pepper on these yummy strips!
buffalo bills country cut honey pepper jerky
Another 1.5 ounce package, this country cut style has thicker pieces easier for eating on the go. The flavor is fantastic, mildly sweet with just that slight hint of pepper!
The flavor makes this jerky standout!
buffalo bills turkey jerky
We’re really glad this was included. If you love turkey jerky this subscription can make really make your day. We are impressed with the sheer amount of jerky that we received as this is another 1.5 ounce package.
While these pieces are a little less salty they are still a tasty treat!
We specified for this box that we liked Teriyaki and the “tougher” jerky’s in general. So, here is some tasty Teriyaki jerky. This is a smaller package but still a great inclusion

So in summary

Since we know we’re getting jerky each month we can’t break this subscription down the way that we do others but we can say that the Jessie’s Specialty Snack Subscription is a great way to get your jerky on each month. The flavors that were included in our box are excellent and at $24.99 a box we received over $30 in items which is an awesome deal. We think this would make an excellent gift for yourself, a friend or for your office. There’s an subscription for everyone and there’s a choice to tailor it to your tastes which is a great option!

And don’t forget use code ASHELI upon subscribing to receive a free ounce of jerky!

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