Pet Gift Box Review + Unboxing | January 2017

pet gift box review
Pet Gift Box is a monthly subscription for dogs and cats. Choose by the size of your pet and personalize it with their name, gender and adoption date and each month you’ll receive both treats and toys for your pooch or kitty cat. Subscriptions are $25 monthly
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the pet gift box
Our first glimpse inside the Pet Gift Box. Love how cute this is packaged!
what's in the pet gift box
Everything that we received in the Pet Gift Box. There is a ton of awesome stuff in here!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This box is the “Best of 2016” and contains the top rated cat toys and treats from 2016
This crinkly fish is filled with catnip and makes a great toy for your cat to cuddle, scratch and kick!
Around 12 inches – this is a really big toy for all sized cats!
Here is a picture of Swifty playing with it. Her BOX FAVORITE! 
This light up ball bounces and launches and it just oodles of fun! The kids liked playing with this one with the cat and the bright green color ensure it will never be lost!
This nifty toy has a unique netting that helps remove plaque from kitty’s teeth. This toy has catnip for added fun and the netting is made that it won’t unravel
This is the second flavor Omega Paws Treat Swifty has tried. The first was Meowmosa which had orange juice. This Meowtini is in a white fish flavor and has bits of olive to give it an authentic martini taste (sans alcohol)
These treats are made with real chicken and clean cats teeth and freshen breath. This is a large 3 ounce bag so definitely enough to last a month! Swifty loved these!
Definitely the cutest of all the toys included in this box. This “troll” kitty has catnip to entice your cat and hair for your kitty to chew and lick! Much fun to be had!
As evidenced by Swifty’s sheer joy!
super kitty boinks
These fun “Boinks” aren’t just a blast for your cat… as we predicted the kids LOVED these and in NO TIME they were being shot all over the house! 
A little bit like a Chinese finger trap all you have to do is push these down and let them fly!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Pet Gift Box is a great way to treat your pet each month and has a really cute variety of items – both treats and toys! The presentation is excellent. Love the package and everything arrives exactly as it should. The quality is AWESOME. These toys are perfect and Swifty already loves those Omega Paw Treats! Curation is great. It’s a great amount of items and a fun and colorful selection – we love that they put in healthy treats and toys as well! 
As far as box economy the Pet Gift Box costs $25 monthly and for that we received $31.50 in items which is a great deal. 

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