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youcopia review
YouCopia was founded in 2006 by a father daughter duo with 30+ years of product design experience. The goal? To create products that are affordable, functional and space efficient that help to organize your kitchen area. 
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So tell us more!

youcopia storemore adjustable lid holder
This lid holder has become a game changer for us. Formerly we’d just lay the lids on the bottom of the cabinet where we’d sort them out as we needed them. This gadget allows you to easily divide and organize all your lids!
Simple to assemble and you have the ability to customize based on your needs. The bottom piece is plastic while the dividers are a sturdy metal that lock into place.
Here are our lids assembled in the YouCopia StoreMore Lid Holder. If you need them – you can also purchase more dividers, so the possibilities can be endless.
youcopia storastackfood container storage organizer
This nifty little organizer helps keep your food containers together and in one place. With a spot for the dish and dividers for the lid this is a great addition to that cabinet that always seems to be a mess!
As you can see here the two prongs hold the container while the dividers allow your lids to be accessible and close by. This is made entirely of plastic and the clips can be positioned wherever you like.
The YouCopia Drawer StoraStack can hold up to 12 containers
Here it is holding some of our Tupperware Dishes
youcopia storemore adjustable bakeware rack
This organizer is a bit like the YouCopia Lid Holder. It holds all your bakeware so you can easily access it when necessary. It has the same plastic base and similar wire dividers.
Maximize your pantry space with this YouCopia StoreMore Bakeware Rack by using this to hold your cookie sheets, baking pans and cutting boards.

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