Eattiamo Subscription Box Review + GIVEAWAY | January 2017

eattiamo subscription box review
Eattiamo is a monthly subscription box that sends you 7 artisan products from small batch producers. All items are imported from Italy and provide a 3 course meal experience. Each box is $69 with reduced prices for longer subscription terms.
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*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
our first look in the eattiamo box
Our first glimpse inside the Eattiamo Box for January. Everything is very carefully packaged!
what's in the eattiamo box
Everything that we received in our “Italian Vegetarian Detox” Eattiamo Box. Our three courses are Mushroom and Olive Bruschetta as an appetizer, Contadina Vegetable Pasta as an entree, and Blue Blend Ground Coffee, Blueberries and Syrup and Chocolate Taralli for dessert.

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts – they are a lot like mini menus. One explains the Eattiamo Box and the other outlines our meal for the month.
mogi caffee
This micro roaster located in Bergamo, Lombardy is run by two siblings. A representation of fine Italian coffee this roaster also sets itself apart by working with only women – from the farms to the office!
This is an extremely fine ground and aromatic coffee. Yum! 
taggiasca olives in brine
These olives are rare and one of the most revered olives in the world. Their unique taste is due in part to the environment in which they are cultivated – on the Ligurian Cliffs by the Mediteranean Sea
These are delicious and since they are preserved in brine they’ve kept that salty taste!
chocolate taralli
A modern and sweet twist on a classic Italian recipe. 
These little biscuits are small but mighty. A great cookie to have with coffee – these are subtly sweet! 
contadina con verdure
An Inaudi family product this sauce contains carrots, bell peppers and basil and is handmade in Cuneo. There is painstaking care put into the curation of the ingredients for the Inaudi products
This sauce is scrumptious! The flavor of the peppers really comes through and gives this a thick and delicious flavor
This spread is incredibly yummy just on it’s own. Boasting mushrooms harvested in Central Italy, mixed with Capers, Olive Oil and Sundried Tomatoes and Garlic you can eat this on it’s own or make yourself a tasty bruschetta!
organic spirali pasta
This Fusilli Pasta is made from only organic Durum Wheat Semolina and grown in the soil of Apulia in Southern Italy. It makes a perfect base for our entree
We made the entire pound!
These tasty blueberry preserves are made with an age old recipe that was used to keep them during the winter months.
These are delicious and were a hit for not just us but the children as well. We are really happy to report that they weren’t overly sweet either… just the right amount!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Eattiamo Box is a great box experience. Not only do we get to travel to a new destination but we get to have dinner there! The presentation is amazing. Everything is wrapped carefully and arrives perfectly. The quality is excellent – the dedication to finding small batch makers and their commitment to quality ingredients is awesome. The curation is great! We love that they plan a meal for us and while we didn’t stick to it (we’re rebels like that) it’s a great way to have one nice, gourmet meal a month! 
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