Daily Goodie Box Review + Unboxing | February 2017

daily goodie box review
Daily Goodie Box is a free box that you can receive when you signup at Daily Goodie Box. IT”S FREE! All you have to do is fill out a few short surveys after you receive the box about the various products that you received!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look inside the daily goodie box
Our first glimpse inside the Daily Goodie Box
what's in the daily goodie box
Everything that we received in the February Daily Goodie Box… there is so much in here!

So what is all this stuff?

gary poppins lite popcorn
This lightly salted popcorn has but 90 calories in the whole bag making it an ideal snack that is both tasty and good for you!
gorilly goods organic snacks
We receive this organic, raw, vegan, non gmo, gluten free and nutrient dense in the flavor “Coast” which is a sweet curry flavor. 
A great blend of cashews and raisins – this had a really complex flavor!
nellies all natural laundry soad
We love the Nellie’s brand so we are super stoked that this old fashioned laundry soda was included. The Nellie’s line is vegan and raw and all natural – free of harsh chemicals typically found in laundry detergents
coffee blocks butter coffee
Mix this packet with water to create instant coffee! We haven’t had a chance to try this yet but it seems so interesting that we can’t wait.
vermont smoke & cure beef stick
This is the second time we’ve tried these and we have to say they are quite tasty and usually meat sticks lack something as far as flavor is concerned. These however, do not!
xylichew spearmint gum
UM YES. We ALWAYS come prepared with chewing gum and we love spearmint so this GMO Free and sugar free gum was a welcome addition to our Daily Goodie Box
just chill stress relief drink
These stress relief drinks contain Suntheanine a nootropic that helps you to increase focus and reduce stress without drowsiness. And it doesn’t taste bad at all – it had a mildly peachy flavor and had no artificial sugar aftertaste!
dream water snoozeberry
This drug free powder contains Melatonin which helps you relax and sleep as well as GABA which can help with anxiety (well hello there) we haven’t had a chance to try this yet because we want to be sure we have a full 8 hours to devote (and well… it just might never happen)
nature's bakery raspberry fig bar
This yummy fig bar is made with stone ground whole wheat and has no cholesterol, dairy, trans fat, is Kosher as well as Non GMO.
Oh yeah, and it tastes great!
aloha daily good greens
We love greens and like to have a little stock pile of them so receiving this chocolate blend from Aloha was a nice little treat!
jack n jill natural toothpaste
This Black Currant Toothpaste for kids is all natural and certified organic. Our favorite thing to come in this box as we love to try different kinds of children’s toothpaste!
Sound like a great deal? It is!

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