Chroma Club Subscription Review + Unboxing | February 2017

chroma club review
Chroma Club is a monthly adult coloring subscription box that sends you a monthly volume of pages from different artists throughout the world. Subscriptions are $8 but use code STAYBETWEENTHELINES to save $2 on your subscription
*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

So show us the pages!

This page by Sue Chastain is a great garden picture. Ms. Chastain has her own all ages coloring book in addition to downloadable pages. 
This vintage style coloring page by Heidi Berthiaume is a classic image  with lots of depth. Berthiaume produces her own adult coloring books of bygone art (which sound amazing by the way)
The third picture in this book really does bring on the zen! Samantha Decker the creator of this picture is also a professional illustrator
This moonlit night image features one of nature’s most mysterious creatures… a faerie! This picture is by freelance artist and auther Carolin D. Palmer
What’s better in February than a bunch of roses? Amelia Richard the creator of this image is from a family of professional artists and does freelance graphic design as well as art journaling with her own adult coloring images!
We love that this page has a positive and thoughtful message on it. This is one of those images that will take you quite a bit to complete – created by two sisters, Sharon and Teresa who form Creative Life Studios
An intricate floral by Teri Sherman who lives with her family in North East Scotland – she was inspired by the scenery and wildlife there!
This minimal and modern coloring page is a great addition – it really adds a bit of variety to our Chroma Club. Jennifer Zimmerman, the illustrator of this image also has her own line of coloring books for “Stressed Out Modernists”
This intricate paisley mandala is from illustrator Sabine Van Ee, a freelance illustrator from the Netherlands. Love this beautiful pattern
This beautiful and detailed page has a floral motif and works the word “Inspire” into it. Drawn by Deborah Muller a professional artist with over 30 years of artistry under her belt!
Our favorite! This cool wreath like image by Maria Hoffmeister is part of her overall message of living a joyful life. Great reminder of how lucky we all are to be here!
Love that this image is in this book! Very different from most of the other images this mermaid is drawn by Ellen Million who has been publishing fantasy coloring books for adults since 1997
This harvest inspired coloring page from Simi Raghavan  who has both a “Halloween by Simi” and a “Fairyland Christmas by Simi” coloring book is both fun and whimsical. Very cute.
Carol Mayer lives in Alberta, Canada and is inspired to create her unique images from the local landscapes and wildlife. This mushroom scene is very cool and we love all the different parts of each – much fun coloring here!
This page boasts a spring fairy harvesting strawberries! Drawn by Heather Johnsgaard who is an artist of many mediums and also love vintage campers!
This cubist style illustration from Mary-Margaret Marx is fun and cool. Marx is a self taught and graphic designer who enjoys patterns, designs and color.
And you guys know.. this was too Mario for us not to color
We haven’t finished quite yet but it’s getting there!

So in summary

We can’t break down Chroma Club the way we do our other subscriptions because we know what we’re getting when we subscribe. We can say though, that for the amount of pages we receive and the awesome variety in each issue we would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great adult coloring subscription
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