Sky Organics DIY Kit Review + Unboxing | March 2017

sky organics diy kit review
Sky Organics is an online retailer of organic and all natural skincare and bath products. We received another  of their DIY Kits to review for you guys. This is one of their most popular DIY Kits, the “Peppermint Castor Oil Scalp Treatment” you can buy it on their site for $48.50
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look inside the sky organics box
Our first glimpse inside the Sky Organics DIY Kit. 
what's in the sky organics box
Everything that we received in the Sky Organics Box. We can’t get over how large the products are that we receive!

So what is all this stuff?

Our recipe – which is super simple!
organic castor oil
This is a 16 ounce bottle of Castor Oil which is extracted from Castor Seeds in India by local artisanal farmers. Castor oil is known for it’s ability to repair damaged hair – and particularly hair that has been damaged by hot irons (GUILTY)
We receive an informational card about each item in our kit
Full of information about the product and how to use it
Used as a skin supplement for centuries this 4 ounce bottle has been sourced directly from the farmers in Israel. Jojoba tricks skin into thinking it’s oily which makes it great for people who have oily skin. It also seals moisture into skin and removes excess sebum present in the scalp. 
Our card for Jojoba Oil
Tons of info!
Grown in Japan this steam distilled oil has no added ANYTHING just pure Peppermint Oil.  Great for nausea and cramps, sore muscles and stuffy noses! Safe for children and a great product for hair as it eradicates dandruff and helps fight hair loss.
We love these cards – they have so much information
We feel so much smarter now!

Okay so now what?

First step is to measure out 2 tablespoons of Castor Oil
Combine that with 1 tablespoon of Jojoba Oil. 
Heat in the microwave for 15-30 seconds
And then add 5 drops of Peppermint Oil
Our next steps are to apply the mixture to the roots of hair and massage into scalp
Then we cover our hair for an hour and rinse out leaving our scalp healthy and promoting stronger and fuller hair!

So in summary

We can’t break this down like we do subscription boxes because we know what we’re getting when we order. We can say though that these kits are awesome – we get so much product and we love all the information that come in these DIY Boxes. Everything is organic and ethically sourced which makes us very happy! And for the price of $48.50 we receive $54 in items which is awesome! 

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