Peaches and Petals Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | March 2017

peaches and petals subscription box review
Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription box that sends a fun mix of women’s lifestyle items. Each box is fun and full of quirk! Subscriptions are $19.99 monthly
*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the peaches and petals box
Our first glimpse inside the Peaches and Petals Box for March. Love the bright Spring colors for this “Hello Spring” themed box.
what's in the peaches and petals box
Everything that we received in our Peaches and Petals Box for March. This is one of our favorite Peaches and Petals Boxes that we’ve received in so long – it’s such an awesome mix!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
The reverse explains the giveaway for the month
Stephanie Miller Corfee Elephant
This elephant made this box wonderful and unique! Love the designs and his sweet little face!
stephanie corfee elephant
This elephants upward raised trunk is an omen of good luck.
Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Milk Cleanser
yes to cucumbers milk cleanser
We love milk cleansers and use them for one of our two daily cleanses. The Yes line is awesome and while we haven’t tried this product – we are almost certain we’ll love it. Big bonus that this was the full size 6 ounce bottle!
Hello Breath Spray
hello breath spray
Mint mojito breath spray? Don’t mind if we do. We’ve tried the toothpaste but not the breath sprays – excited to put this to the test!
Lifebok Daily Dose Journal
lifebok daily dose journal
This cool little scrapbook almost looks like it’s handmade with the brown paper embellishments and fun hand drawn looking designs
Each page is interesting and gives you the space to add your own flare but is also kind of done a bit so you don’t have to go over the top!
Love the vintage looking flowers!
And there’s even a page for travel!
Sprigs Carry-All Belt
sprigs carry all belt
Let’s be real honest right now, this, is a fanny pack. A modern day fanny pack. AND. WE. DON’T. CARE. This is cool and useful. We go picking fruit in the summer and can’t tell you how useful this will be! So excited to have something like this and way too old to care about what people think! YES!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Peaches and Petals Box is a fun monthly box that we really enjoy receiving for the surprise element as well as the usefulness of it. This month was so much more though – we thoroughly were pleased with EACH item included! The presentation was great, everything was packaged well and arrived exactly as it should. The quality is awesome – really loving many of the brands included and that elephant is perfection! The curation is terrific. We love the light colors and spring vibe we get from the fresh flavors. A great month from Peaches and Petals!
As far as box economy the Peaches and Petals Box costs $19.99 and for that we received over $49 in items which is an awesome deal!

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