Chroma Club Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | April 2017

chroma club subscription box review
Chroma Club is a monthly adult coloring subscription. Each month you’ll receive one full sized, 16 page coloring book full of different coloring pages by independent artists from all over the world. Subscriptions are $8 monthly use code STAYBETWEENTHELINES for $2 OFF either a one time purchase or a subscription. 
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Breakdown
Our Chroma Club Book for this month. Love the cover!

Okay so show us the pages!

Our first page is from Heather Johnsgaard and has a fun garden type design. You can find Heather on etsy
This pretty pattern is from Carol Mayer, an Alberta Canada based artist. Find her on Facebook
This fun and whimsical sheet from Deborah Muller reminds us just how sweet life truly is! You can find Deborah at Chubby Mermaid Art
This simple coloring sheet from Maria Padgett is simple enough that it can be done in just one sitting. We decided to color it for you guys
Reminds us a bit of Fruit Loops!
This intricate cat pattern appeals to the animal lover in all of us. It was drawn by Root Inspirations
This flying fairy illustration is from frequent Chroma Club contributor Simi Raghavan. This page has lots of small details that make this sheet great for a long term coloring piece
This medievil princess page is from Scotland based graphic designer Teri Sherman – find her art on Etsy
Our favorite page this month comes from Heidi Berthiaume. This vintage style bunny just reminds us of long gone eras! Find Heidi at Vintage Coloring
This pretty and intricate leaf is from Creative Life Studios
This very comic book style page from Jade Elizabeth makes a great way to say Happy Birthday to a friend!
This angelic inspired page is from Maria Hoffmeister and you can find her work at World of Magnifica
This great addition is of a ballet dancing fairy – illustrated by Amelia Richard – we love the movement of this one!
This optical illusion like page is from Genevieve Crabe and you can follow her at her site
This iguana basking in the sun is a unique addition to this coloring book from Samantha J. Decker. 
Definitely our second favorite page in this book is this octopus from Deborah Muller who has 2 pages in this month’s Chroma Club
This sort of abstract – geometric page has something very relaxing about it! Created by Mary Margaret Marx this is a great grand finale to this month’s coloring book! 

So in summary

We can’t break Chroma Club down the way we do our typical subscription box. We can say though that we love that it provides us with a really varied selection of pages each month all the while supporting small and independent artists and all for just $8!

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