Dotboxx Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | April 2017

dotboxx subscription box review
Dotboxx is a monthly period subscription box that sends your monthly feminine hygiene products and more. They have several different subscriptions. The first is the “Essentials” and it contains pads, tampons or a mix of both + 5 pantiliners, 3 sanitary wipes, chocolate and snacks and tea for $13.99. The “Teen Period Box” contains everything in the Essentials box + a heat pad and 3 monthly surprises (with no tea) for $26.99. The “Mini Dot Boxx” contains everything in the Essentials box + a heat pad and 2 monthly surprises for $26.99, The “Dotboxx“(what we’re reviewing today) which also has a gluten free version contains everything in the Essentials box + a heat pad and 4 monthly surprises for $34.99, Additionally there’s the “Monthly College Care Package” for $49.99 that contains tons of essentials for your college student. 
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the dotboxx
Our first glimpse inside the Dotboxx. We are already in LOVE!
what's in the dotboxx
Everything that we received in our Dotboxx. This is an AMAZING assortment of items. 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts
The reverse describes our monthly surprises and teats!
Healthy Snacks
We received 3 healthy snack bars in this month’s box. The first was this Kashi Chocolate Almond Sea Salt with Chia Granola Bar
We also received a “That’s It” Apple + Coconut Bar. If you haven’t tried the That’s It line yet you totally need to. They really only contain exactly what they say and they taste AMAZING!
The final snack bar were these Nature Valley Granola Cups. We’d never heard or saw these before so they were the first that we tried!
Oh so yummy. The almond butter is a perfect complement to the oaty granola shell!
mudlove necklace
The first love, SELF LOVE. Love yourself and let everyone know with this necklace!
This may look like wood however it’s actually ceramic. And good to know: each Mudlove necklace provides one week of clean water for someone in the Central African Republic
Here it is on and we have to say, we love it! Great natural piece!
realher mattle liquid lipstick
This gorgeous liquid lipstick in “I Am a Queen” is absolute perfection! Not only do we love the packaging and product but 20% of all Realher profits are donated to charity.
That package tho.
Here it is swatched. The color is phenomenal! There were also a variety of other shades included in Dotboxx‘s
fred & far priority pad
Because you have got to take care of you before you can take care of anything else! We love Fred & Far and are so happy that this was included in our Dotboxx. Will definitely be using!
With the Dotboxx you have the option of pads, tampons or a mix. We received pads. We were really surprised when we saw they came in their own box!
15 pads in total!
Additional Essentials
How cool is this? All of our little period accessories come in their own box as well!
We received 4 feminine wipes, 3 pain reliever packets, 6 liners and one heat pad + scented bags.
Flourish and Thrive Tea Infuser
flourish and thrive tea infuser
Can never have too many of these guys on hand and this one is super cute!
the crispery rice kirispy treat
One of this month’s featured treats is a Drizzled Mini Marshmallow Rice Crispy Treat from the Crispery which makes the most amazingly large and unique rice crispies we have EVER tried.
In the words of Buddy the Elf, “This is GINORMOUS!” Definitely a tasty chocolatey period treat!
philadelphia candies chocolate covered oreos
Holy Mackeral! Look at these delectable chocolate covered cookies. Wow! 
Not only are these delicious – the chocolate that they are dipped in is creamy and so milky, our absolute favorite kind but these are also made in Hermitage, PA so they are (sort of ) local!
Hello Gorgeous Mug
A new gorgeous mug for our gorgeous face! Love the gold and white and this cup is LARGE and heavy. A really nice quality mug from the Slant Collection!
Tea Variety
To go with our new mug we received a variety of different teas. We are most excited about these two different flavors from Tea Forte. One in Vanilla Pear and the other a scrumptious sounding Lemon Lavender
There is also this Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea which is an herbal blend
To sate our caffeine loving selves we received this “White Tea Wellness” packet
As well as a Bigelow Classic Green Tea

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Dotboxx is an awesome new period subscription that is brimming with potential. We are absolutely floored with all the items that we received and we love their self love message. The presentation is excellent – this box is well packaged and looks awesome. The quality is outstanding. The snacks are delicious as well as nutritious (somewhat). We are so happy they chose to do business with companies that GIVE BACK! Curation is – out of hand. Seriously. this box was so much more than a period box! We are in love.
As far as box economy the Dotboxx that we received costs $36.99 and for that we received WELL OVER $75 in items… uh yes! 
And don’t forget use code ASHELI for 10% OFF your first box

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