Sky Organics Bath Bomb Gift Set Review + Unboxing

sky organics bath bombs
You guys know we love bath bombs and we also love Sky Organics. So, when we received this box of 6 bath bombs from their line we were brimming with joy! They have a total of 20 different scents to choose from – and you get to pick six for your own custom box! Each box is $25.99
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

So what did you get?

Here are our 6 bath bombs. We received; Sugar Rose, Lavender Lemon Muffin, Mermaid Kisses, Caribbean Coconut, Love Potion and Strawberry Milkshake
Each box comes with a card that details each bomb you received as well as the different notes and scents that each contains
Here is our list!
Mermaid Kiss Bath Bomb
The Mermaid Kiss Bath Bomb may be the prettiest of all and has a very “Earthlike” appearance to it.
mermaid kiss bath bomb
Top notes of Ocean Mist, Sea Moss and Cyclamen Petals mingle with middle notes of Geranium Flower, Water Mint, and Coriander Seed and finally, a base of White Cedarwood and Vetiver. It sounds delicious because it IS guys!
Sugar Rose Bath Bomb
sugar rose bath bomb
This pretty pink bath bomb contains Tonka Bean, Lemon and Geranium which smells fresh and bright.
Lavender Lemon Muffin Bath Bomb
lavender lemon muffin bath bomb
This tasty smelling bath bomb contains; Lavender, Lemon Peel Zest, Sugar Cane, Angel Food Cake and Butter along with some Poppy Seeds and Vanilla! This sounds incredible as always check out IG for more Bath Bomb vids 

Strawberry Milkshake Bath Bomb
strawberry milkshake bath bomb
The Strawberry Milkshake Bath Bomb is a combo of strawberry and orange and peach – a truly fruity scent that is dreamy and fun! And evidently it brings all the boys to the yard!
Love Potion Bath Bomb
Love Potion Bath Bomb
The Love Potion Bath Bomb is a sensuous mix of Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, and Tangerine.  There’s also hints of Peaches, Strawberries, and Raspberries with a base of Musk. Definitely brings out your romantic side!
Caribbean Coconut Bath Bomb
caribbean coconut bath bomb
This bath bomb has coconut milk to make a creamy and dreamy bath!

So what do you think? Do you like bath bombs? Do these look scrumptious to you? Does the fact that they are Vegan, Cruelty Free, Phthalate, Sulfate and Formaldahyde FREE sway you a bit? And they’re organic! You want to try them? OF COURSE YOU DO!

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