MapCandy Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | May 2017

map candy subscription box review
MapCandy is a monthly subscription box that sends you around the world with an assortment of different snacks and candies! Each month you can expect to receive 6-8 international treats and an exploration guide for just $26 monthly and FREE (US ONLY) SHIPPING! 
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the mapcandy box
Our first glimpse inside the MapCandy Box. YES – looks awesome already!
what's in the mapcandy box
Everything that we received in the MapCandy Subscription Box. So full of amazing goodies! Couple items we are familiar with but many not so much! 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
Each item we received is listed and also where it hails from. The reverse has some fun trivia!
HazerBaba Turkish Delight Rose Petals
rose petal turkish delight
We’ve had this traditional Turkish snack before but never in a delicious rose petal flavor! Ahh you guys know how much we love florals – this was exciting to receive
It’s like a large gummy cube covered in powdered sugar and tastes sweet like any gummy. The rose flavor isn’t overwhelming but definitely came through for us! So unique.
HazerBaba Turkish Delight Multi Berry
multi berry turkish delight
We received two boxes to try! This was the berry flavored and contains infused pieces of; Zereshk (Barberry), Goji Berry, Blueberry, and Cranberry. A huge hit with the kids!
Orange Peel Pocky
orange peel pocky
Did you know that Pocky was named for the sound it makes when it snaps? Neither did we! We’ve tried so many incredible flavors of this tasty Japanese treat and now we can add Orange Peel to that list as well
This box was large enough that everyone could have a healthy portion – the kids liked these a lot! 
Sunflower Tahini Halva Lubimka
sunflower tahini halva lubimka
Our very favorite discovery from this subscription box is this Bulgarian treat typically eaten the last Sunday before Lent. Eat it on toast, sliced, with coffee or with a spoon. We’ll be completely honest and say that we just ate it like a bar and we have ZERO regrets. #YOLO
This is just phenomenal. If you like Sunflower Butter this is for you. It looks a bit like nougat and even in some ways resembles the creamy flavor. However, it’s drier and a bit more crumbly. Very good melt in your mouth confection
Milkita Melon Milkshake Candy
melon milkita
We’re familiar with Milkita and their creamy taffy like consistency and flavor. A wonderful treat from Indonesia- we wanted to take a picture of one for you guys but our kids stole EVERY LAST ONE. We think…. they like them. This was a full size bag with 30 pieces of candy!
Ramune Soda
ramune soda
Another familiar item is this Ramune Soda from Japan. Strawberry sweetness is an ultra cool “Codd” style bottle. 
Opening this bottle releases the ball into the bottle that you can hear roll as you drink! These are enjoyed throughout Japan in the warm summer months and during festivals – and with these tasty fruity flavors it makes perfect sense!
Violet Drops
Bulgaria knows how to party! These Violet flavored hard candies are BOMB! These instantly transport us to our childhood eating Choward’s Violet Mints from our Mom’s purse! And interestingly enough the kids really liked these!

Hong Yuan Classic Series Guava Hard Candy
hong yuan series
A Chinese hard candy – these guava flavored treats are bright and really addictive! This was Penny’s box favorite!

Fruit Caramels
bohme fruchtkaramellen
This German candy has been around since 1894! The flavors range from; cherry, lemon, raspberry and orange. We’ve had them before and think they are really wonderfully tasty and love their taffy like quality!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The MapCandy Subscription is a great way to travel without ever leaving your home and an even better way to expand your palette and enjoy the many flavors of the world. The presentation is wonderful, we love the box and everything arrives perfectly. The quality is awesome- they’ve picked out some yummy treats that anyone would be happy to receive. Curation is GREAT. We love that there’s information about each candy as well as where it’s from – it really helps to understand each item and an all around great snack subscription box! 

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