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truly clear ultrasonic light therapy
The Truly Clear Ultrasonic Light Therapy Machine is a multi-purpose tool that helps to clear acne and other skin conditions as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles and scars while also renewing and firming skin and increasing nutrient absorbtion. That’s a lot, but like we said this is a multipurpose tool. When the folks over at the True Company reached out to us we were stoked to try this out because we’ve heard such great things about treating Rosacea (something we suffer from) with light therapy.
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Everything that came in our TrulyClear Ultrasonic Light Therapy Package. There’s a user manual, goggles, cleansing wipes and an adaptor in addition to the TrulyClear tool.
The goggles help protect your eyes from the light

Tell us more about the machine

The head has a metal center and a ring of LED lights around the perimeter. This is what you’ll be applying to your face
The body has 4 different buttons that help you to navigate this system’s many modes.
You can set the level of intensity for this machine as well as put on a timer. Both are really nice features. We have to say that we really love the body of this device as well. It feels really high quality while you’re holding it in your hand.

How about those functions?

Red Light Therapy
red led light therapy
The first of the light therapies is the red light therapy. This was the reason we were so interested in this device. The red light therapy is what is said to help fight Rosacea. Additionally red light therapy reduces blemishes, reduces wrinkles, firms skin and increases Collagen production
Blue Light Therapy
blue led light therapy
Blue LED diminishes inflammation and eliminates the bacteria that causes acne. We don’t really have acne so we haven’t tried this function out
Green Light Therapy
green led light therapy
The green light therapy helps with skin discoloration and eliminates Melanin clusters to improve the radiance and tone of skin
Ultrasonic Mode
In addition to the light therapies you can also use the ultrasonic mode that stimulates skin’s cytomembrane which helps cell regeneration. Penetrating deep into the dermis it also helps break up surrounding fat tissue.
Soothing Microwave Massage
This high frequency (12000 RPM) massage penetrates deep into the dermis to cleanse skin and remove deeply impacted makeup. Greatly reduces blackheads and helps to release the natural oils in the skin
Galvanic Ion+ Ion-
There are two Ionic functions – the Ion+ and the Ion-. The Ion+ cleans skin by attracting and removing dirt and oil. The Ion- infuses nutrients deeper into the skin and also helps to increase the effectiveness of your serums and cleansers

Alright so how did it do?

Because results are cumulative we feel like we should probably check back with you guys in a few months but for now… we can say with certainty that we experienced positive effects after our initial usage and in the following two weeks. The system takes a bit of getting used to. There are a lot of functions but once you’ve got that down the rest is pretty simple. We explain what our process has been in our Youtube video.
After our first use of the red light therapy we saw a suppleness in our skin that hadn’t been there prior. At that time we had used this machine about 4 minutes. Two days later we tried it again and increased not only the light intensity but also the time that we left it on our skin. We increased these two functions with each usage to test the difference in results.
Initially our skin was a little more red than it had been with each prior use but afterwards our skin was phenomenal. We get little clusters and patches of redness all over our skin and purposefully left some untouched and afterwards you could clearly see where we hadn’t used the TrulyClear device.

So in summary

This is amazing. We recommend this for people who have tried all the over the counter options out there and nothing worked. We think this is a great tool to have for cleansing as well. We are very impressed with results! And will definitely be checking back with you guys in a few months with our final impressions!

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7 thoughts on “TrulyClear Ultrasonic Light Therapy | Skincare Review”

        1. The pads are just to clean the metal part of the device. There is no need to wet your face before using but you should have clean skin.

  1. Can you use a moisturizer with this system. I find it doesn’t glide without something on my gavey

    1. As long as it isn’t a really thick moisturizer I don’t think it should be a problem. Also I’m thinking no SPF as well since this is light. But those are both guesses.

  2. How do you change the battery in this machine? I charge it and I charge it but it doesn’t work it doesn’t hold in the on position it keeps turning off what do I do?

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