Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | April 2017

freedom japanese market subscription box review
Freedom Japanese Market is a monthly Japanese snack and candy subscription that is family owned and has FREE WORLDWIDE shipping! And with their variety of box options – there’s something for everyone. There’s a standard box which contains 12-16 snacks and costs $24.99 monthly (what we’re reviewing today). There’s also the puchi box which contains 5-8 snacks and costs $14.99 monthly. Finally there’s the family box that includes 24-32 snacks (essentially the full sized box with a double of each) for $45.99 a month. Additionally, each box comes with a different origami as well as an English product list!
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the freedom Japanese market subscription box
Our first glimpse inside the Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box for April. This box is FULL!
what's in the freedome japanese market box
Everything that we received in our April Freedom Japanese Market Box. There are so many yummy snacks in here!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts lists items that are included in both boxes
And the back tells us about this month’s origami as well as introduces us to the family behind Freedom Japanese Market
These are described on the insert as, “Beef consomme flavored ring shaped potato crisps” which is sort of what they taste like. We kind of tasted a somewhat tomato-y flavor as well but for the most part these were pretty tasty. The actual crisp itself tasted like a “potato stick” if you’ve ever had one of those.
The shape is probably the best part – the kids were wearing these as earrings for the better half of the evening! These came in all 3 different boxes
Caplico Mini
Caplico mini
This tiny ice cream cone has strawberry flavored aerated chocolate (similar to that of an Aero bar) for the ice cream filling. This was so yummy!
And also super cute! The cone tastes just like a sugar wafer. This item was in only the full sized and family sized boxes
Ume Paper
ume paper
Ume paper is definitely an acquired taste – a unique mix of both sweet and sour comprise this pickled plum papers mix of flavors
The flavor isn’t the most interesting part though (we actually love pickled plum) the thin strip of paper it’s shaped into is! Makes this a crazy snack- this came in all three boxes in April
Chewing Straw Candy
These were a box bonus in the full sized and family boxes for April. They were a bright grape flavor and had a texture and consistency a lot like our shoelace candies. 
Kabuki Cracker
kabuki cracker
Our ultimate box favorite! This delicious rice cracker is a little bit salty and tiny bit sweet and all sorts of crispy. Each cracker is stamped with a different kabuki emblem (unfortunately we bit into ours before we realized that)! These were in the full sized and family sized boxes.
Premium Umaibo
premium umaibo
Umaibo is puffed corn that’s shaped like a large tube. These are totally crazy and they come in SO MANY flavors! This one is Mozzarella and Camembert Cheese flavored! It was milky and sort of tasted like a breadstick to us! This came in all three box varieties
Shimi Choco Corn
shimi choco corn
These star shaped puffs are coated in strawberry chocolate. They’re really soft and sweet and basically melt in your mouth which made these a HUGE hit with the kids!
They were really cute and came in all three box varieties in April
Tohato Caramel Corn
We’ve had the Tohato Caramel Corn before but never their seasonal “Sweet Rare Cheesecake” flavor! To be honest it tasted sweet and crispy just the other Tohato we’ve tried (which is a good thing). We love the bag – this came in the full and family sized Freedom Japanese Market Box for April
UFO Ramune
ufo ramune
These soft, powdery candies are flavored in four different Ramune types; yogurt, peach, apple and cider. These came in all three box varieties in April
Teriyaki Umaibo
teriyaki umaibo
Definitely our favorite Umaibo. This teriyaki burger flavored corn puff was a little sweet and a little salty. 
Each Umaibo looks like this – a long tube with a hole in the center. The texture and consistency of each are the same as well, only the flavors vary. The Teriyaki Umaibo was in both the full and family sized boxes for April
Pizza Umaibo
pizza umaibo
We feel like we gained so much Umaibo knowledge in this box! The final installment of the Umaibo trilogy is this pizza puff that actually had a little heat! This one had the overall most intense flavor of the three that we received and was in both the full sized and family sized boxes
These were so close to being our box favorite! Puffed corn chips flavored like Champon Ramen, a Nagasaki noodle dish made with seafood and veggies. These are shaped and have the consistency the same as the Caramel Corn but the flavor is so savory – we ate the whole bag in one sitting!
These were included in the full and family sized boxes
Un Choco
un choco
This cute little package of candy was in both the full and family sized boxes for April
The candies inside are grape flavored chocolate balls!
Mix Fruit Mochi
mix fruit mochi
These tiny mochi (rice cakes) are apple and pineapple flavored and come with their own little toothpick! These were included in all three box types this month!
Katana Origami
This katana shaped origami is a great way to celebrate Children’s Day … have a duel and only risk a paper cut!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Freedom Japanese Market Box is a really fun way to get a box of exotic and tasty snacks each month no matter what your budget it is. And the fact that it’s a small family owned business makes us love it even more. The presentation is great – everything is packaged well and arrives perfectly! The quality is awesome – no qualms here! And curation is so fantastic. We were amazed at the sheer mass of snacks that we received and how different they all were from each other. Definitely an amazing choice if you are looking for an exotic candy box!
Use Not a Tree in the notes when you order online to receive an extra item in your first box!

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