Emma & Chloe Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | May 2017

emma & chloe subscription box review
Emma & Chloe is a monthly subscription box that sends you a piece of French designed jewelry from the newest up and coming artists. You choose upon subscribing if you prefer gold, silver or a surprise and also if you have pierced ears. Subscriptions are $35 monthly
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Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the emma & chloe box
Our first glimpse inside the Emma & Chloe Subscription Box
what's in the emma & chloe june box
Everything that we received in our May Emma & Chloe Box. This month we received earrings and they are gorgeous!

So what is all this stuff?

Each Emma & Chloe Box comes with a “La Gazette” Magazine and a postcard
The magazine details the piece that we received as well as information about the artist who designed it
The pictures are always stunning
But there’s also really fun and fashion forward articles included as well!
This one is a history of jeans!
Elsa Silver Earrings
elsa silver earrings
These gorgeous dangling earrings are dip coated in a silver bath and have a pop of Red Quartzite for color. Alternatively, the gold earrings included in other boxes were made of golden brass and had a sea bamboo coral as it’s gemstone. These are simple yet stunning and they suit our style perfectly!
sophie vallois gouard
Designed by Sophie Vallois Gouard a lover of poetry and classical music she is inspired by the styles of the people who surround her and you can find bits of everyone she meets in her work. We just love the subdued style of these and can’t wait to rock them around! Also each piece comes with it’s own certificate of authenticity
The movement and fluidity of these earrings is just lovely – particularly without seeming even remotely “loud” – we love that about these!

So in summary

We can’t break this subscription down the way we do typical subscriptions because we know when we subscribe that we are receiving jewelry and we can specify if we want it to be a particular metal (which we love). But we can say we love the pieces that we receive month after month and the price is amazing! While this box costs just $35 our earrings retail for $69! We love that if you don’t like gold or silver you can opt out of receiving those metals entirely. And finally and probably most importantly we love that Emma & Chloe supports small designers who are up and coming. We enjoy the signature French flair and the idea that one of these designers could become uber famous and we can say we knew them when!

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