The Cutest Rockers in the World | Rockabye Review

Rockabye is a US made rocking horse in a variety of styles, textures and awesome features. These are the COOLEST rocking horses’s that we’ve ever seen and we are so excited to share them with you guys! 
*product was received free for review

So tell us more!

We received 2 different Rockabye styles but they have so many different options to choose from. Each has removable (zippered) fabric covers and they’re made from real American Maple Hardwood. We were instantly impressed with how beautifully and uniquely each rocker was designed
Each rocker has textures and different tactile elements that keep children interested and engaged. They even play music!
Each button plays a different song – we love how they sneak that educational aspect in there!
We’re pretty sure this was Vivienne’s favorite part about these rockers!
They’re recommended from 9 months to 3 years (and 80 pounds) although Oliver really enjoyed rocking as well… in fact you can hear him in all the videos just waiting for his turn… and he’s 4!
We were really impressed with all the design details. This horse on the front of the princess rocker detaches. And the hat on the train is crinkly for an extra bit of sensory stimulation. These are seriously the nicest rockers EVER.
And what’s most important, the kids fell in love with them the instant we took them out of the box! We think that these make a great gift and a great addition to nursery decor as well!
And lucky you, their “Sizzlin’ Summer Sale” has just taken effect! 
You will now receive 50% OFF any of their rockers!

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