Brand E BIY Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | May 2017

brand e subscription box review
Brand E is an online BIY (Build It Yourself) retailer and their BIY Subscription Box sends you EVERYTHING you need to complete a project each month. Crafts promise to be high quality and you’ll receive detailed instructions. Subscriptions are $47 with at least a $100 value!
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the brand e biy box
Our first glimpse inside the Brand E BIY Box 
what's in the brand e biy box
Everything that we received in the Brand E BIY Subscription Box. We received EVERYTHING that we need to complete a string art craft. This is awesome – we have been wanting to do one of these but just haven’t had the time to gather all the items!

So what is all this stuff?

Our instructions
They are detailed and include numbered steps that correlate to bags with items you will need for that step
One of the numbered bags (we took the items out so you could see them for the pictures)
This short handled hammer is going to be useful for so much more than just this BIY Box! The hammer that we have has a comically long handle that we find hard to control.
Artificial Flowers
We received 3 different flowers and one fern to add to our string art. Bet you are wondering how we are going to use them… read on!
Gorilla Super Glue
gorilla super glue
Again this will come in handy often – good item to have on hand!
Well, what else would we be hammering?!
Turquoise Yarn
turquoise yarn
We received oodles of this teal colored yard to actually do our string art!
Brand E Chalk Pain in “Snow Day”
brand e chalk paint
This is their own brand chalk paint. There is so much in here – we will be using this for quite some time! They have a variety of paints in their shop that retail for $10 a container
Mason Jar Stencil
This will help us form the mason jar outline for the string art
2 Inch Paint Brush
A paint brush for our chalk paint
U Nails
We’ll be honest, we still aren’t sure what these guys are called but they sure as heck came in handy for this project!
Wooden Backings
These are for the back of our sting are to connect the two larger pieces
They aren’t kidding guys… they include EVERYTHING. These scissors are really nice too!
This was the chunkier kind of sandpaper – how will we use it? Read on!
Wooden Blocks
These wooden blocks will serve as our string art medium. This wood has such a pretty finish and we really love how all the items that are included are so high quality
Bonus Item
Each BIY Box comes with an extra bonus item. This month’s was a “Gypsy Soul” stamped choker. How cool is this!?
We love the natural colored cord! We received 2 (but we think that might have been a mistake)

Okay so now what?!

Now we craft
First we get our wood pieces ready to be painted with the chalk paint
Once painted we allow them to dry
Next we’ll sand them a bit to give them a more rustic appearance
You could do this as much or as little as you’d like
Our rustic pieces!
Continuing on we need to combine the two pieces. So we nail the backings to both. Ours wasn’t perfect but we kind of felt like that was the point!
Now we will use the mason jar stencil to put nails all around it’s perimeter. This was probably the most taxing part (and it wasn’t really taxing at all!)
Our nails. You could put this either horizontally or vertically!
Then we get to stringing. There is no rhyme or reason… you just do what you like and stop when you are happy. We received a lot more yarn than we needed for this to feel complete!
Finally, we add our flowers and use the U Nail to keep them in place. All in all we are extremely pleased with how this turned out! And it was super easy! 

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Brand E BIY Box is an awesome way to stay creative without having to source all the items. If you are a busy Mom or working woman this is the craft box for you! The presentation is awesome – everything arrives perfectly. The quality is amazing. We are so happy with how nice all the items were (something often overlooked in craft boxes). And curation is fabulous! We are so impressed with not only how beautiful this craft is but also how easily it came together. Absolutely everything we needed was included and none of the steps felt out of our reach. We feel like this would be fun for all crafters from novice to expert!  We really love the Brand E BIY Box!

Check Out Brand E 

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