Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | May 2017

freedom japanese market subscription box review
Freedom Japanese Market is a monthly subscription box that ships you snacks and candy directly from Japan! This box has 3 different size options. The first box is the “Puchi” Box which contains 5-8 snacks and costs $14.99. The second is the “Original” which contains 12-16 snacks and costs $24.99. The final subscription is the “Family” Box and contains double the original box and costs $45.99. Each box from Freedom Japanese Market contains a full English product list as well as a different handmade origami each month. 
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the freedom japanese market box
Our first glimpse inside the Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box.
what's in the freedom japanese market box
Everything that we received in our Freedom Japanese Market Box for May. Once again, there are so many snacks included! We are reviewing the Original Subscription 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. The front details each item that we received. It also indicates what was included in each different box
The reverse tells us a bit about the family that creates these wonderful boxes and also tells us about that month’s origami.
This month’s origami is a Koi-Nobori! The eye is stamped using a hand carved eraser!
Chip Star
chip star
These chips are butter and soy sauce flavored and came in the original and family boxes this month.
These looked exactly like Pringles and had an interesting flavor of creamy and salty. Really unique
Cheese Umaibo
Last month we received 3 different Umaibo’s ( a tube of puffed corn) and we are amazed at how many flavors of them there are! This cheese flavor is a very “traditional” snack cheese flavor. A lot like a cheese curl or cheese puff. Both Umaibo’s included in this month were in all three Freedom Japanese Market Boxes
Frozen Mango Gum
frozen mango gum
This gum was included in all three boxes this month. It was fruity and chewy. The flavor was very true to nature and not overly sweet!
Pickled Plum Rice Crackers
pickled plum rice crackers
These delicious rice crackers were flavored with sweet and sour pickled plum! One of our favorites in this month’s box, we love how crunchy they are! These were included in the Original and Family Boxes
Nazo Neru-Neru-Ne DIY 
nazo neru-neru-ne
This DIY Candy Kit included everything you need to make lemon and strawberry soda flavored treats! This was included in both the Original and Family Boxes for this month
The numbered packets make it really easy to add the right ingredients
Our raspberry flavored soda candy! These tasted like yogurt
Takyo-Yaki Nani-Wa
takyo yaki nani wa
These puffs are a form of Umaibo shaped like rings and octopi. They’re even Octopus flavored.
These taste awesome and were included in the Original and Family Boxes!
Chibikko Mikan
chibikko mikan
These orange flavored candies were this month’s bonus snack and were included in both the family and original boxes. The ramune candies taste like orange Tic Tacs and come in this cute little tube!
Pierre’s Sugar Rusk
pierre's sugar rusk
These twice baked breads are coated in sugar. The kids loved these! These came in all 3 Freedom Japanese Market Boxes this month
These are great when you want a crunch snack as they are really crispy!

Hello Kitty Matcha Chocolate
hello kitty matcha chocolate
This matcha flavored chocolate is shaped like Hello Kitty and was included in the Original and Family Boxes for May
This was YUMMY!
These corn rings were included in all 3 Freedom Japanese Market Boxes for May! They had an incredibly unique flavor of Teriyaki Mayo Chicken. That sounds strange but these were really good and we loved the package!
Corn Pottage Umaibo
corn pottage umaibo
Our second Umaibo this month was “Corn Pottage” flavored and tasted a lot like creamed corn.
And of course it comes in the Umaibo tube!
Shittori Choco
shittori choco
These were the spoiler for the May Box and were included in all three boxes for May. These cookies were crunchy chocolate on the outside and soft and creamy chocolate in the center!
These were a hit with both the adults and the kids in our house! And we have to say this was a really big bag of cookies – lots to go around!
This strawberry cotton candy came in this little snack sized portion! This was in the family and original boxes for the month
The kids were pumped when they saw this!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Freedom Japanese Market Box is an awesome way to get your snack fix each month while also introducing yourself to unique flavors. We really like to support small family owned businesses and that’s exactly what this is – so that makes us really happy! We love the presentation, everything arrives perfectly and we also enjoy the origami. The quality is awesome – all the packages and foods are great. And there’s curation which is amazing – everything included is authentic and delicious! We love this subscription and think it’s a great box if you just love snacking or want to try some unique flavors or even as a gift!

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