Munchpak Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | June 2017

munchpak subscription box review
Munchpak is THE original international snack subscription box. Each month they send you an assortment of snacks and candies to make your tastebuds sing! The subscriptions are separated by size; there’s the 5+ snack box that costs $12.95 monthly, 10+ snacks for $22.95, and 20+ snacks (whew) for $42.95. Additionally, you can choose to have your shipments weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The longer the subscription the lower the price. In fact subscriptions go as low as $9.95
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Check out  the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the munchpak box
Our first glimpse inside the Munchpak June Box!
what's in the munchpak box
Everything that we received in our MunchPak Box. We received the 10+ snack box and are super impressed with this mix!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert and a MunchPak sticker
Always Ask for Avery’s Dog Drool
always ask for avery's dog drool
While this has the disgusting name of “Dog Drool” it really just tasted like someone took a smarties and crushed it up and put it in seltzer! The kids really loved this and we have to admit it was fun to drink “dog drool”!
Tregroes Waffles
tregroes waffles
These toffee flavored stroopwafel flavored cookies are ooey gooey and sweet. It’s a good thing there were two included in this packet otherwise there wouldn’t have been enough to go around!
Hello Kitty Wafer Cookie 
hello kitty wafer cookie
These chocolate flavored Hello Kitty wafer straws are a cute way to pep up your glass of milk or even to just eat alone. You can also find the Matcha flavor on the MunchPak website
Tahato Caramel Corn
tahato caramel corn
Enjoy this puffed corn snack that has a sweet blend of caramel and peanut. What we love most is how simple and soft the texture is! 
This is one of those treats that snack boxes aren’t complete without!
Hot Chili Salad Pretz
hot chili salad pretz
So. the name of these sounds really kind of roundabout and convoluted but just hear us out – these are delicious. The flavor is a lot like a tangy ranch dressing? Not sure if that even makes it sounds nearly as good as they are though. 
So good! And how can you go wrong with pretzel sticks?! You can’t! Definitely our box favorite!
Lotte Koala’s March
lottle koala's march
This familiar snack is a cookie filled with yummy chocolate. What we love the most is how each cookie has a koala printed right on the front!
These were a big hit (particularly for their nostalgic value) with both the kids and the adults in our house!
Mentos Pop Ins
mentos pop ins
These chewy sour flavored mentos are fun! A very different spin on how we think of mentos! The texture and consistency is very much the same as a normal Mento but the flavors were sour and jumped right out at you!
Cajillions Candies
cajillions candies
At first we thought these were gum – and then we realized they were just really chewy and soft candy. The flavor is excellent, not overly sweet or artificial tasting and somewhere there’s a creamy flavor that is just divine! We really enjoyed these, they DID NOT last long!
Crown Nut Co. Sriracha Almonds
crown nut co sriracha almonds
These almonds are slightly spiced with Srirachi and boast 9 grams of protein. What a fun and healthy snack right?!
These weren’t overly hot and were more a salty snack than anything! We love how MunchPak mixes the sweet with the savory
Ding Dong Hot & Spicy Mixed Nuts
ding dong hot & spicy mixed nuts
These mixed nuts are more savory and umami than they are spicy and that is perfectly fine with us. They are flavored with .. we think soy sauce and are crispy and delicious!
Trolli Sour Brite Sloths
Where aren’t sloths? They are literally everywhere right now! Even in our fun candy!
These taste exactly like gummi worms but they are cute sloths!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The MunchPak Subscription Box is a great way to get snacks that are fun and unique sent straight to you! Great option for offices and workplaces as well! The presentation is great – the box is cute and everything arrives perfectly. The quality is awesome – many of these items are from brand name and recognizable companies (even the international companies). And curation – well this selection was amazing. It was varied and covered a variety of flavors that were unique as well as delicious! If you are looking for a snackbox we definitely recommend MunchPak!!

Check out MunchPak

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