Lady Boss Loot Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | June 2017

lady boss loot revie
Lady Boss Loot is a lifestyle subscription box for the female entrepreneur. Each box comes with feminine office supplies, a book by a female leader, a journal or planner, self care items and access to their membership community. Subscriptions are $45 monthly
*product was received free for review

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the lady boss loot box
Our first glimpse inside the Lady Boss Loot Box
what's in the lady boss loot box
Everything that we received in our Lady Boss Loot Box. This assortment of items is AMAZING! What a great box! The theme is “Money Matters” and we received some items to help us keep our finances in check and in order!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert is actually a mini magazine! 
There’s mini articles and recipes – it’s really a neat little addition to this box!
This page tells us about one of this month’s featured companies Hand in Hand Soap who donates a bar to a child in need for each bar sold. We love that Lady Boss Loot supports philanthropic causes
There’s a little article about your business finances
A recipe
And more!
hand in hand sustainable suds
This sugar scrub comes in a very generous 12 ounce jar and smells out of this world beautiful! For every product purchased from Hand in Hand they donate one bar of soap and a month of clean water to a child in need. So you can feel really good while you are exfoliating and moisturizing!
 And what’s more? Their products are also cruelty free, vegan and safe for the environment!
ugly mug saving grace
This fair trade, sustainable coffee hails from Tennessee. The Saving Grace brew is Ugly Mug‘s most popular blend. Perfect medium blend (for people like us that love well balanced coffees). There was a recipe included in this month’s mini-magazine for a Caramel Iced Coffee using Saving Grace!
Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin
rich bitch by nicole lapin
This 12 step guide to getting your finances in order uses a tongue in cheek strategy but with so much sage advice – no wonder it was an instant New York Time Bestseller!
The best part about this book is that it makes money matters relatable and makes it a lot less stick in the mud talk. Nicole Lapin brings the issues to the top and really makes budgeting make sense for everyday life!
Budget Notebook
This pocket sized notebook is great for keeping track of where your money is going and even when you just have a quick idea or note you want to jot down for the future
To accompany our planner we received 3 teal golf pencils. Great for keeping in our purse, car, and desk!
shea butter hand in hand lip balm
This lip balm in Sea Salt is an all natural mint tasting and refreshing feeling balm. The formula is super creamy and leaves lips super smooth
We adore the Hand in Hand packaging as well. So pretty!
vag magic suppositories
$7.99 (each)
We received 2, 7 packs (one pack is a one week supply) of these boric acid suppositories. Use them to help balance pH, when you feel “yeasty” or just to stay fresh. They include just 4 ingredients and there’s tons of info on their site – if you are interested in learning more

Super rich and creamy classic caramels. These didn’t last long at all for us! Each Lady Boss Loot Box comes with a snack and this was this month’s – an absolute win for us! Find Mama B on Etsy
Vegan Leather Wallet
This gorgeous wallet had five color varieties in the Lady Boss Loot June Box. We got elegant white and are so in love with the creamy soft vegan leather!
Inside we have many compartments for all your different items. Great inclusion to a “Money Matters” themed box!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Lady Boss Loot Box is a wonderful way for female entrepreneurs to feel a sense of kinship and community while also receiving fab products that help them towards their chief definite aims! The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly, the quality is phenomenal – those Hand in Hand products and the caramels really spoke to us! And curation – what an awesome theme and an amazing assortment of items. Everything came together perfectly!
As far as box economy the Lady Boss Loot Box costs $45 and while we couldn’t find a price for the wallet even without it the box valued $55 – a definite steal!

Check out Lady Boss Loot

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