Care/Of Vitamin Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | July 2017

care/of vitamin review
Care/Of is a monthly vitamin subscription. Each box is personalized for you based upon a survey you take when you first subscribe. Plans vary but start at $5 a month. Our 30 day supply which consists of 4 different vitamins and supplements costs $30 monthly
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the care/of box
Our first glimpse inside the Care/Of Box. Love how personalized it is!
what's in the care/of box
Everything that we received in our Care/Of Box. There is a 30 day supply of vitamins along with helpful information and a vitamin dispenser. Our vitamins are personalized to suit us. When you sign up you’ll take a brief survey that first asks if you’re an expert, curious or a skeptic when it comes to vitamins. 
Then you’ll get this screen which has different areas you might want to improve on with vitamins. Depending on which one and how many you choose you’ll get even more questions to answer. For instance if you choose Brain you’ll get questions about focus and memory. All of these help to create your vitamin profile.

Okay what did you get?!

Our box inserts are helpful and full of information. This one explains where to keep your dispenser and how to take your vitamins
These sheets explain each of the vitamins that we received.
Here are our vitamins. There is one pack for each day of the month and each pack contains 4 vitamins. 
Here are our four pills 
The dark pill is Astaxanthin which is great for heart health as well as skin. It improves moisture levels in skin and combats wrinkles because it is used in nature to keep UV rays off of fish eggs. 
The circular pink pill is Vitamin D which is good for bones and general overall health. Since we are getting a little older – it doesn’t hurt.
 The long beige capsule is Milk Thistle which is affectionately called “The Drinking Buddy” We are going to let you come to your own conclusions about that one.
The largest of the four is Magnesium and was recommended to us because we drink coffee and alcohol which both can deplete Magnesium. This supplement supports bone health and with low Magnesium levels in the body you are more likely to experience migraines, low energy and sleep disturbances. 

So in summary

We can’t break Care/Of down the way we do typical subscriptions because we know what we’re getting when we subscribe. However, we love the way they figure out what vitamins to send you – the quiz is thorough yet fun. The vitamins are really great quality and are sourced for highest potencies as well as purity. And we get a dispenser which is an awesome space saver!  We think Care/Of is a great way to take more than just a multivitamin and a wonderful option if you love to explore new vitamins like us!

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