Veggie Buds Club Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | June 2017

veggie buds club subscription box review
Veggie Buds Club is a monthly subscription that sends you a vegetable themed pack of crafts and other fun items that teach and encourage children to eat their veggies! There are two different options – the Original club contains an activity book, recipes and other crafts and costs $16 monthly (reduced for longer subscriptions) and the Super Club (what we’re reviewing) includes everything in the Original Club but with a book and one extra fun item. Subscriptions are $26 monthly (reduced for longer subscriptions). Use code VEGGIE5 for a special discount at checkout
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the veggie buds club
Our first glimpse inside the Veggie Buds Club June Package
what's in our veggie buds club
Everything that we received in our Veggie Buds Club June Subscription. This theme is “Peas” and includes so many fun pea themed goodies!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert details each of the items we received in this box
There were two recipes included. One for a “Crunchy Pea Snack” and another for “Easy Pea-sy Pancakes” both of which sound yummy!

Activity Book
Each Veggie Buds Club Package comes with an activity book. This one is titled, “It’s Time to Eat Your Peas”and came with four crayons.
Inside were fun activities
And fun facts – this is a counting activity!
This page was FULL of many pea facts – many of which we didn’t even know!
These poms help us with our counting activity
So many fun activities – including coloring
And of course – stickers!
This bookmark has numerous books that feature peas!
Peas on Earth by Todd Doodler
peas on earth by todd doodler
This adorable book features peas as the ANSWER! 
The illustrations are adorable as these peas encourage us all to be nicer and more agreeable to each other
Everything in this book is happy! We kind of want to vacay in it’s pages!
We wish we could have a snowman that would never melt!!!
Oliver really enjoyed this book
Particularly the “Pop Up” Page!
Pea Necklace Craft
This craft has your string snap peas on green string and create a necklace.
All we had to do was provide the peas – they included both the string and needle!

Pea Toy

This kawaii little pea toy is adorable and fits the theme of this box!
This pea pod opens to reveal little peas inside!
How cute is this?! We are totally keeping this for ourselves!
Pea Shoots Craft
This activity has you grow your own pea shoots!
Included were cottonballs and peashoot seeds. To complete this craft we just have to have a small grow tray and soak our peashoots overnight and place them on the cottonballs!
The insert details how healthy pea shoots really are! This was a cool activity – check our Instagram for updates on our pea shoots!
Pea Pod Magnet Craft
This adorable craft sends everything we need to create a pea pod magnet!
Included was one clothespin, a magnet, 3 poms and a pipe cleaner along with a small baggie full of googly sticker eyes.
First we attach the magnet to the clothespin
Then we attach the pea tendril or the pipe cleaner!
Next, we fix 2 googly eyes on each pom
Finally you glue the poms on the clothespin
Here is Oliver admiring his work. We really enjoyed this activity!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Veggie Buds Club is an awesome way to teach our children the importance of our food. We overlook this very simple yet consequential part of our lives! The presentation is great. Everything arrives perfectly! The quality is wonderful. The crafts are well thought out and we love the book and pea toy! And curation is absolutely awesome! We love how well this pea theme comes together. The crafts are great and we even get to grow our own pea shoots which is a huge thing for little kids! Love this subscription!

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