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ruckpack energy review
Ruckpack creates energy drinks that help you combat each day! Originally formulated by Marine Special Operation Forces in Afghanistan their goal now is to provide healthy nutritional supplements to everyone! This veteran owned company makes all of their products in the USA and gives 10% of all proceeds to charity. They’ve even been featured on Shark Tank! You can use our code BB121 for 20% off

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So tell us more!?

As you can see above they sent us a number of their energy products including 4 energy drinks and an entire case of their Energizing Nootropic Shots. Our first glance at ingredients really surprised us – unlike many other energy drinks these were not loaded with sugar and didn’t contain alarmingly high rates of caffeine and other stimulants. That’s because Ruckpack contains Nootropics which is essentially brain food. They will help you to increase your memory, focus and cognitive function. 
Fruit Punch Speedball
fruit punch speedball
This sports drink contains Teacrine nootropic that boosts motivation, mood, energy and focus. Another ingredient this drink boasts is Alpha GPC a compound that promotes cognitive properties and enhances power output. And of course some natural caffeine from green tea. The flavor is great – unlike any other sports drink we’ve tried
In addition to caffeine being low on the ingredients list Sodium Chloride which is the ingredient that provides electrolyte support was rather high which we think is awesome! 
Sweet Citrus Speedball
ruckpack lemon lime speedball
This is the same as the previous drink and boasts all the same benefits but it has a “Sweet Citrus” flavor. We received two of these. Also, how nice is this packaging? These are not just tin cans, they’re heavy and substantial
And we love the black tops!
Refit Lemon Lime Hydration Drink
refit lemon lime hydration drink
This sports drink contains vitamins and electrolytes to restore hydration at a record pace. With the inclusion of a patented ingredient called Sustamine your body will rapidly absorb the electrolytes in this drink and keep fatigue at bay. Probably our favorite of all the drinks we received
Some of the other nutrients in this drink include; Magnesium, Chloride, Sodium, Potassium, Zinc and vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, E and Folate. This product is awesome for athletes (and it tastes awesome) but it’s also amazing at curbing hangovers! 
Ruckpack Energy Shots
Ruckpack energy shots come in 3 different varieties and have different flavors as well as perks.
Citrus Energizer Shot
This Xtra Strength shot amplifies the effects of coffee and tea. With this shot you’ll enhance energy, endurance and focus. We think these are much healthier alternatives to energy shots because they rely mainly on Nootropics for the focus and energy. The caffeine in this shot is derived from natural green tea and the incorporation of Theanine helps to block the negative effects of caffeine on the central nervous system (which is pretty cool, actually). 
This shot also contains something called CoQ10 which is an anti-oxidant that helps your body to get all the advantages of caffeine without the disadvantages
Strawberry Energy Shot
ruckpack strawberry energy shot
The Strawberry Energy Shot also contains natural caffeine from green tea as well as the same blend of antioxidants to help block it’s negative effects. This contains about 120-240 mg of caffeine and has a sweet strawberry flavor
Raspberry Grenade Energy Shot
ruckpack raspberry energy shot
This non-caffeinated energy shot replaces the caffeine with more vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The flavor is sweet with a bit of tart and this one is probably our favorite for when we have “thinking” work to do! 
We think the names of each of these drinks is pretty fitting as well; Strawberry Assault, Citrus Ambush, and Raspberry Grenade. 

So in summary

We really like that Ruckpack is offering a healthy alternative to sports and energy drinks that are available on the market. We also really like how they were created and that they maintain the production of their products here in the USA. We found all of these drinks to be useful and all around great! If you are interested use our code BB121 and you’ll receive 20% OFF your purchase!

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