Mystic Muse Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | July 2017

mystic muse subscription review
Mystic Muse is a metaphysical subscription that sends you themed boxes of items that are intended to enlighten and enliven your senses. Possible items included could be aromatherapy oils, crystals, pins etc. They have two different box options – the “Mini” that contains 3-4 items, costs $29.99 monthly and has a $45+ retail value. And they also have the “Original” box that contains 6-5 items, costs $45 and boasts a $65+ value. 
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the mystic muse box
Our first glimpse inside the Mystic Muse Box. Firstly, we love the colors and the packaging – seriously gorgeous but also capturing that elusive mystical feeling. 
what's in the mystic muse box
Everything that we received in our Mystic Muse Box for July. The theme is “Summer Solstice” and included items that will aid in your summer solstice celebration and also promote balance and bliss.

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert, matches perfectly with the box and the envelope it comes in is frosted and has a very swanky feeling
The inside details each of the items that we received in this box along with a little blurb about the theme.
Camille Dollins Sunflower Print
camille dollins print
You can choose to frame this print or color it in (we’ll opt for the former). We love the simple yet apothecarian feeling of this print. It also came with a small card that explained the symbolism of a sunflower; unwavering faith that guides our soul!
true hue wood wick candle
Instant campfire with this candle! The scent we received is Mandarin and Verbena which are excellently balanced with just the right amount of zest and rich warmth and smells incredible!
The woodwick (our favorite kind of candle) makes this guy multi-sensory!
flower crown bad girl good tea
This blend contains oolong, green and white tea along with fruits, rosebuds :swoon:, marigold blossoms and cornflower petals.
We love the colors in this tea – it’s stunning. You should check out the Bad Girl Good Tea mantra – it’s awesome! 
Summer Solstice Pin from Mystic Muse
summer solstice pin mystic muse
This pin is cool. The image represents the sun’s progress over the year and is meant to remind us to celebrate the light of consciousness within ourselves and others. We aren’t sure where we’ll put this but it will definitely be used!
polyn aromatherapy
This oil is multipurpose. Use it to diminish under eye lines and also as a restorative oil that can be inhaled to promote balance. Among the oils in this blend are Rose Hip, Helichrysum and Ylang Ylang which create a deep woodsy scent that is hypnotic!
Yellow Jasper
yellow jasper
One of the two stones included this month is the Yellow Jasper – thought to carry the sun’s energy and promoting happiness and positivity. It is suggested to use during meditation to align your solar plexus chakra
Ice Agate
ice agate
This grounding stone brings balance and is a great tool for crystal gridding and healing chakra. Can be used to bring you and connect you to the present (awesome) and also helps you to achieve your intellectual endeavors. It’s also quite gorgeous if we say so ourselves!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Mystic Muse Subscription is an amazing way to connect each month to that part of ourselves that we forget in our day to day lives. We love the themed assortment and think it’s a fabulous mix of items. The presentation is incredible. We love the box and all the packaging. The quality is amazing – we really love that they are sourcing from small businesses and companies that we otherwise wouldn’t have known about. And of course curation. This box was about Summer Solstice and Balance and the items we received really achieved what they were shooting for. We received a beautiful mix of items and couldn’t be happier.
As far as box economy the Mystic Muse Box that we received costs $45 and for that we received $65.50 in items which is AWESOME and don’t forget to use code RELEAF5 for $5 OFF your first box!

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