EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer Review + Giveaway + EXCLUSIVE COUPON

enviro klenz laundry enhancer review
EnviroKlenz creates products that safely remove chemical irritants and odors from your personal spaces. They have an entire line of products for various aspects of your life. We received their laundry enhancer to review for you guys. This is great for people with sensitive skin as well as allergies and sensitive noses in general if you know what we mean!
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So tell us more?!

This product is ideal for so many reasons! 

Washing blankets and curtains that have been stored for long periods
Removing the sizing from new garments
Communal washers
Pet Odors or cigarette smoke
Thrift shop hauls
This jug of laundry enhancer has enough product for 15 loads (58 ounces) and costs $14.99. They also have a 30 load container as well for $24.99. We have really sensitive skin and often after we buy clothes we’ll get a rash (even with a wash) from the chemical sizing used to make your clothes look fresh and crisp in the store. Adding this to our laundry VANQUISHES all those nasty chemicals and thus no rash for us – so we will definitely be using this product for the foreseeable future
EnviroKlenz also has other products like:
HVAC Filters
Carpet Odor Neutralizers
Everyday Odor Eliminators
Hand Soap 
A Mobile Environment  Cleaner
So they’ve got all your allergy needs covered!
This product contains just 5 ingredients and is entirely Earth Friendly!


Magnesium Dioxide
(Helps Foaming)
Magnesium Hydroxide
(Foaming Agent)
Zinc Oxide
(Used in Calamine lotion as well as Cigarette Filters – from what we can tell it seems to absorb toxic chemicals)
Titanium Dioxide

The best part is that this doesn’t just mask odors and chemical scents- in fact it contains no fragrance or color. It completely eliminates the chemicals that are in your laundry! To use you simply add 1/4 cup – 1/2 cup to laundry (depends on size of load) in combination with your regular detergent and just be sure to shake before you use. As for us we give this a HUGE THUMBS UP! 
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