Freedom Japanese Market Review + Unboxing | June 2017

freedom japanese market review
Freedom Japanese Market is a family owned subscription box that sends you Japanese snacks directly from Japan each month. They have 3 different subscription options; the “Puchi” or mini box contains 5-8 snacks and costs $14.99 monthly, the “Original” box contains 12-16 snacks with one DIY Candy Kit. Subscriptions are $24.99 monthly. Finally, there’s the “Family” box which contains 24-32 snacks (double the Original box) and costs $45.99 monthly. Each box comes with a contents list and a handmade origami. Prepay to get reduced prices!
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the freedom japanese market box for june
Our first glimpse inside the June Freedom Japanese Market Box
what's in the freedom japanese market box for june
Everything that we received in our June Freedom Japanese Market Box. Another great mix!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert and origami of the month. The list shows everything that was included in all three of this month’s boxes
The origami is a tribute to Dad! 
We think this one is super cute!
Mike Lemon Pepper Popcorn
mike lemon pepper popcorn
This flavor is a summer exclusive and was included in the both the regular and family packs. We love the bright lemon taste!
This was a hit with both the adults and the kids in our house!
Yakiniku Texas Corn
yakiniku texas cornThese corn puffs are Korean BBQ flavored and quite yummy! These came in all three Freedom Japanese Market Boxes for June
These had a great savory flavor and the little balls were super crispy
Nerricho Soft
nerricho soft
This DIY Kit was included in both the original and family boxes for June. This kit allowed you to create your own tiny strawberry ice cream cones!
Awa Moko Moko
awa moko moko
Just add water to create a sweet and tasty drink! We received cola flavor but there was a variety available as a bonus in the June Box!
Tahato Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor Caramel Corn
tahato vanilla ice cream flavor caramel corn
These puffed corn snacks come in this adorable bag and are in the exclusive summer flavor “Vanilla Ice Cream”. Tahato is always a huge hit with the kids and these were quite delicious. The bag was large and was easily split between the kids twice!
Sono Manma Peach
sono manma peach
This tricksy little gum packet has 3 balls, 2 are sweet peach and one is sour! We decided this would be a perfect way to trick the kids!
One of these is the sour ball… but you never know which one until you try (and neither did they)
Banana Man
banana man
This chocolate covered marshmallow bar tastes JUST like banana! 
This was included in all three boxes for June
These Yakisoba flavored corn puff rings were included in regular and family packs for June. We love the cute little bag!
These had a great sweet flavor and were quite addictive!
These cute little balls of sugar are a Japanese tradition. They came in all the Freedom Japanese Market Boxes for June 
These taste a lot like rock  candy! The kids had a lot of fun with these!
Pizza Umaibo
pizza umaibo
There were two kinds of umaibo included in this month’s box. The first was a pizza – which was cheesy and delicious
Umaibo is a puffed corn tube and this one really did taste like pizza!
Minivita C
minivita c
These hard candies are infused with Vitamin C and were included in both the regular and family boxes for June
Bin Ramune
bin ramune
A sugar wafer bottle filled with a powdered ramune – stick the enclosed straw in the bottom of the bottle and enjoy! This interesting treat was included in both the regular and family boxes for June!
Salad Umaibo
Included in all the Freedom Japanese Market Boxes for June this umaibo was “Salad” flavored and probably our favorite thus far! Had a fun vinegar-y flavor that was addictive!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Freedom Japanese Market Box is a fun way to get your exotic snack fix each month. We really enjoy unboxing these and learning about all the snacks that Japan has to offer. The presentation is great – we love that they include an English packing list and the origami is beautiful and a great touch! The curation is perfect – a wonderful mix of sweet and savory at a great price – and with FREE worldwide shipping this is great for all our friends in other countries as well as US friends!

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