Candy Box Russia Subscription Review + Unboxing | July 2017

candy box russia review
Candy Box Russia is a monthly subscription that sends Russian chocolate and candies worldwide. Three different options to choose from – the “Mini” Box contains 6-8 candies and 1 chocolate. Subscriptions start at $12.50 (reduced for longer subscriptions), the “Medium” Box contains 4 or 5 sweets and candies, 1 chocolate and a bonus assortment of candies for $21 monthly (reduced for longer subscriptions), the “Big Sweet” Box contains 8 different types of sweeta including 2 or 3 full sized candies, 2 full sized chocolates and other bonus candy items. Subscriptions are $33 monthly (reduced for longer subscriptions).
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the candy box russia
Our first glimpse inside the Candy Box Russia package.
what's in the candy box russia
Everything that we received in our Candy Box Russia. What an exotic and tasty mix of chocolates and candies!

So what is all this stuff?

Milk Chocolate “Alenka” 
milk chocolate alenka
There is something to be said for the beautiful packaging of this Russian chocolate. This is a traditional milk chocolate that is renowned throughout Russia.
The flavor of this chocolate is comparable to other milk chocolates available in the US
This traditional Russian lollipop is shaped like a rooster and is caramel flavored and absolutely delicious!
Wafer “Korovka”
wafer korovka
This milk flavored wafer is crispy and covered in a light ganache
The kids thought this was simply scrumptious!
Candy Caramel “Alenka”
candy caramel alenka
With the same logo as the chocolate bar this caramel flavored filled taffy was delicious – we don’t have any pictures though because we ate it during the unboxing video!
Choco Banana
choco banana
This sweet banana flavored marshmallow is covered in milk chocolate and tastes sweet and decadent
One of these could never be enough
Teapot Magnet
This little wooden teapot magnet is just a little bonus included in the Candy Box Russia!

Cookie “Yubileinoe”
cookie yubileinoe
These oatmeal cookies have a distinct cinnamon flavor and also have butter and chocolate strewn without it. If it sounds yummy, it’s because it is!
These flat cookies are perfect to have with your coffee or tea and were a huge hit with everyone in our house!
This large marshmallow had a creamy cream cheese type flavor ( much richer than typical mallow) and was coated in a ganache. This was our absolute favorite item included in this box! So rich and delicious!
This sunflower seed bar was a close second as far as box favorites. Coated in sugar this crisp bar wasn’t overly sweet and retained the natural flavor of the sunflower seeds
We did not share this with anyone – we enjoyed it entirely alone!
Milk Chocolate “Russia Shedrya Dusha”
milk chocolate russia shedrya dusha
This peanut & caramel milk chocolate bar is HUGE!
Each piece is overflowing with delicious caramel and peanut to create a wonderful sweet and salty confection
Jelly “Eshkina Korovka”
jelly eshkina korovka
This soft candy is boiled in condensed milk to achieve a creamy and milky flavor
This was one of the most unique snacks included!
Candy “Krasnaya Shapochka”
Another candy with gorgeous packaging. We love how the tips point out on this one – how beautiful and artistic! The name literally translates to “Little Red Riding Hood” and the wafer inside is flavored with yummy pralines and dipped in chocolate!
Caramel Mint
This soft candy makes a great after meal treat. While it’s soft it has a subtle and beautiful flavor of mint.
We actually wish we had a whole bag of these to keep in the car with us!
Souffle “Bird Milk”
souffle bird milk
This dark chocolate covered confection is sweet and slightly bitter to create a great contrasting taste profile
Another delicious treat included in this box

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Candy Box Russia is a wonderful way to experience exotic flavors and get to know traditional Russian candies a whole lot better. The presentation is great, everything arrives in great condition. The quality is awesome. We love the beautiful packaging! And the candies are so yummy. Curation is phenomenal. What an excellent assortment and variety of traditional Russian candies and confections! We LOVE this subscription!

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