RYOR from Our Happy Box Skincare Review

ryor skincare review
Our Happy Box is the American distributor for RYOR a Natural Czech Herbal Cosmetics Line. We received some of their most popular products to review for you guys and we are hooked!
*product was received free for review

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So show us what you got!

Soothing Aftershave Cream for Men
ryor soothing aftershave cream
Each 3.38 ounce tube of this product is $18. This lightweight aftershave is easily absorbed by skin and can be used both day & night. Some of it’s ingredients include seaweed to soothe, argan oil for moisturization and lecithin which improves the skin’s natural barrier. Beyond the aftershave cream the RYOR line has a number of other men’s skincare items that look incredible!
Mask Against Blackheads
ryor mask against blackheads
Each 3.38 ounce tube costs $16 and contains a fruit acid complex that reduces the occurrence of blackheads. The inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid hydrates your skin simultaneously. Apply this mask in problem areas and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Can be applied once a week. 
Cream with Amaranth Oil
cream with amaranth oil
Each 1.75 ounce jar of this cream is $22. We have to say of all the foil packets this one is our absolute favorite! The scent is mild but floral and beautiful and the formulation left our skin feeling soft and nourished. This hydration is achieved using Amaranth Oil – perfect for very dry skin and during the colder months. You can use this cream up to 2 times a day.
Wrinkle Filler for Skin Correction
wrinkle filler for skin correctio
Each tube of this wrinkle filler are $22 and contains a combination of two active ingredients that fill wrinkles with your own fat while also giving you smooth and softened skin. Use this as a spot treatment or over the entire face twice daily!
Moisturizing Micellar Water
ryor moisturizing micellar water
Each 5 ounce bottle of this micellar water (which is gorgeous) retails for $10. We have completely adopted this into our skincare and makeup remover routine! No scent to speak of and completely removes makeup (including eye makeup) without burning. And to boot it contains ingredients like Argenine and Hyaluronic Acid that hydrate and promote healthy skin. Love this product!

Eye Gel
ryor eye gel
Each tube of this eye gel costs $12 and contains an amazing combination of all natural ingredients that reduce bags and puffiness in the eye area. Some of these ingredients included are Aloe Vera, Eyebright, and Green Tea. 
We suffer from tired eyes all the time because we spend so much time behind the computer screen. This gel really helps with that! It’s light and absorbs quickly and makes a huge difference when we are up late working. It has no real smell and a little bit goes a LONG way!
Moisturizing Serum with Ceramides
ryor moisturizing serum with ceramides
This incredible serum retails for $18 and is our absolute favorite item that we received! Made with plant extracts this serum helps to improve skin tone and suppleness. You can use this regularly in the evening or as a treatment for dehydrated skin. 
We love that this includes no fragrance to speak of or any preservatives!
The formula is almost like an oil and leaves skin feeling supple and hydrated. Because we have very dry skin this works WONDERS for us and includes just five ingredients;
Octyldodecanol, a fatty alcohol used as an emollient
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, an ester derived from coconut oil and glycerin used as an emollient
Oryza Sativa Bran Oil Extract, skin conditioning agent made from bran oil
Squalane, lipid that naturally occurs in both animals and plants
Ethycellulose, binding and viscosity increasing agent. 
Highly recommend this for anyone experiencing dry skin or just seasonal dryness!
Mattifying Cream with Powder Effect
ryor mattifying cream with powder effect
Each 1.75 ounce bottle costs $22 and is an amazing way to control shine and is an excellent product to have in the summer months. Composed with organogels  for daytime use this can also be used as a primer. This cream also contains Sea Mayweed Extract to soothe and tone skin as well.
This is great for normal and combo skin types and while our skin is dry we’ve been using this in our t-zone under our makeup to keep it in place and it works incredibly! The feeling is at first gel like but then dries down to a soft and silky powder finish (it’s so cool guys!)
We found that the serum and the mattifying cream work in tandem for us. We use the serum on our face (everywhere except the t-zone) and then incorporate this mattifying cream on our nose and in the more oily areas of our skin and are loving the effects. 
Recommend this for anyone experiencing shine (especially during the hotter summer months)

So in summary

We are loving this skincare line and had so much fun playing with all of these products! They have so many more incredible items as well that we are so interested in! What we love most is that these are made with plant essences and all natural and herbal ingredients so we can feel good about using them! 

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