Club SciKidz Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | July 2017

club scikidz box
Club SciKidz is a monthly box of STEM based activities and projects that gets kids involved in the many fields of Science. Boxes are themed and your first box will come with a lab notebook and safety goggles. Subscriptions are $29.99 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription terms.
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the club scikidz box
Our first glimpse inside the Club SciKidz Box
what's in the club scikidz box
Everything that we received in our Club SciKidz Box. The theme is “Geology Rocks” and we don’t think we’ve ever been so excited for a kids box!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
This lists the items included in this month’s box
Activity Book
In the activity books from Club SciKidz you’ll receive detailed activities with instructions and also some of the terms you’ll need to know for that particular kit. You also receive a lot of “micro experiments” that allow you to take the activities you’ve already done and really expound on them
Loose Stones
There were tons of loose stones that helped in our “Name that Rock” activity.
Breaking open geodes is so much fun – so we were really excited to see that a geode activity was included in this Geology themed box!
Rock Candy
A sweet treat that fits the theme of this box! How do we split this 4 ways? We can’t… guess we’ll just eat it ourselves!
Homopolar Motor Kit
homopolar motor kit
This set includes the items to do our electronic activity for the month, creating a homopolar motor. There’s a 10 inch copper wire, a battery and 3 magnets
Geode Slice
We love the lines in this pretty purple geode slice! 
Crystals, crystals, crystals. Can one ever have too many? No!
Tumbled Gemstones
This large container of polished stones allows us to create our diy gemstone ring!
So many gorgeous colors and shapes to choose from!
Robot Wind Up Toy
We collect wind ups so this is going straight on a shelf! Plus, it’s orange!
Digging Rocks Booklet
This book helps to identify gems and minerals. You’ll need this for your “Name that Rock” Activity. 
Everyone in the house enjoyed looking through this!
All the stones are so beautiful and colorful!
Assorted Stones and Minerals
There were so many stones in this month’s box – we literally were flabbergasted!
This organizer contains stones separated into groups like; citrine, optical calcite, rose quartz
As well as iron pyrite (fools gold), tumbled gemstones and amethyst
Mine Rough
This sand has gems and minerals strewn without – all you have to do is sift them out. Use this for your “Name that Rock” activity. So much fun!
Rock Identification Chart
This chart breaks down the rocks into their three categories; Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary. This was really cool to look at and helped with the name that rock activity
Magnet Stones Kit
This kit contained a few miscellaneous items that helped to complete several activities. The magnet stones are used to see what is magnetized and the vinegar and stone and glass are used in an activity where you test rocks and gems different characteristics!
Odds & Ends
These are the items you’ll be testing to see if they are magnetic!
Rock Classification Card
Use this card to identify one of the three different types of rock and 1 mineral! Also came with three rocks!

Okay so what next?!

All the items for our “Name that Rock” activity!
Penny “identified” this flake… 
Our mine rough
We got the most beautiful stones and minerals out of it!
Our four rocks for our classification sheet!
The next activity we did was the magnet stones and seeing what was attracted
There you have it!
We also found that paper clips are still magnetized under water!
Then we made our gemstone ring! This was a cute way to break up all the learning with something that was more arty and creative. 
If I had let her she would have put 100 stones on that ring
We settled on two!
Our final activity was creating a homopolar motor… which sounds crazy hard but is pretty simple
Attach your magnets to the negative side and bend a 10 inch copper wire so that the bottom touches (very lightly) the magnets and then also the top.. you want it to spin so the key is to have symmetry
Our final creation
And in motion! This was the COOLEST!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The Club SciKidz Box is an amazing way to bond with your kids but also give them fundamental knowledge in the STEM fields. The presentation is excellent. Everything arrives perfectly and we love how they keep different activities bagged together to make it easier for us. The quality is wonderful — all those gems and minerals! We couldn’t get over all of that beauty. And curation, we are so impressed with the variety and appropriate-ness of each of the activities that were included but we have to say that we enjoyed the homopolar motor experiment the most! This box is great for the summer months or for homeschoolers or anyone that enjoys the Science fields and wants to share it with their kids!

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