Kizuna Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | July 2017

kizuna box review
Kizuna Box is a monthly Japanese subscription box that is curated around a seasonal or cultural experience. Kizuna has two different options; the snack box and the lifestyle box. The lifestyle box (what we’re reviewing today) contains 5-7 high quality Japanese goodies like; stationery, ceramics, snacks and more. Each box costs $34.99. The snack box contains 13-16 limited edition artisanal snacks and 1-2 lifestyle items. Subscriptions are $29.99
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
our first look in the kizuna box
Our first glimpse inside the July Kizuna Box
what's in the kizuna box
Everything that we received in our July Kizuna Box. This box invites us to celebrate Japan’s Tanabata Festival with an assortment of pink and blue items and also some items with Morning Glories which are all synonymous with the Star Festival

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert – this not only explains Tanabata, it also lists each item that we received.
It opens up to reveal a very informative pamphlet.
The back also give you a total retail price as well as an August theme reveal!
Sailor Fude Nagomi Brush Pen
sailor fude nagomi brush pen
Practice your calligraphy and write out your wishes with this pen. This company was founded in 1911 and is Japan’s leading writing instrument manufacturer
This pen had two different tips for all sorts of designs and purposes, this is the thicker side
And this is the fine tip!
Mino-yaki Rabbit & Sakura Ceramic Plate Set
mino-yaki rabbit & sakura ceramic plate set
Tanabata is all about the yearly reunion of Star Vega and Star Altair, a married couple separated by the Milky Way. These plates represent each of them and their eternal love!
Mino ware is the most popular pottery in Japan. We have to say this is adorable and we LOVE the bunnies!
In fact we aren’t sure whether we prefer the pink or the blue!
Shiraki Star Shaped Rice Crackers & Konpeito Candy Assortment
shiraki & conpeito assortment
We love Shiraki in all it’s many flavors and while we’d never had it mixed with Konpeito that doesn’t mean we won’t try it! This Shiraki was shaped like stars to celebrate Tanabata!
How fun, colorful and delicious this was!
Morning Glories & Lady in Kimono Postcard
morning glories
Celebrating the Taisho era this postcard has a romantic flair that evokes a sense of nostalgia. The inclusion of the morning glory is perfect for summer as it’s a widely beloved symbol of the warm summer months
The back of our postcard
Tanabata Towel by Nissen Shoko
tanabata towel by nissen shoko
Bamboo trees with Tanabata paper ornaments decorate this towel. There was either a hand towel or face towel in each Kizuna Box
We love the stars in the background and think the colors of this towel are truly whimsical and fun!
Morning Glory Washi Letter Set
morning glory washi letter set
This packet contains 8 letter papers, 4 envelopes and 4 seals made with washi. If you aren’t familiar with washi it’s made from the bark of Gampi tree, the Mitsumata Shrub or the Paper Mulberry. 
This stationery set is beautiful – we love the seals! What great embellishments to any handwritten letter!
Tanzaku & Candies from Iwai Confectionery Co.
tanzaku & candies iwai confectionery
A common practice of Tanabata is writing down your wishes on Tanzaku and then hanging it on a bamboo tree. This bag of candy came in either blue or pink and had it’s own Tanzaku attached to write our own wishes!
The candies were individually wrapped and tasted deliciously of strawberry!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Kizuna Box is a wonderful way to enjoy Japanese culture and lifestyle without ever having to travel there! We love the way the box is curated around events and seasons as well! The presentation is amazing – everything arrived perfectly despite it’s long travel. The quality is phenomenal – we are so in love with the bowls and the towel (and everything in this box)! And curation, before we received this box we didn’t really know anything about Tanabata and now we really feel like we understand what this celebration is all about. Each item was chosen for it’s relevance and beauty. What a fabulous box!
As far as box economy the Kizuna Box that we received costs $34.99 and for that we received $63 in items which is an awesome deal!

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