Exploration Crate Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2017

exploration crate subscription box review
Exploration Crate is a monthly snack subscription box that sends you exotic snacks and candies from around the world. Each month is new country and with it new snacks! There are three different price options; the first is the Economy and contains 4-5 snacks for $14, the next is the Business which contains 7-8 snacks for $20 and finally there’s the First Class which contains 10+ full sized snacks for $30 monthly!
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the exploration crate
Our first glimpse inside the Exploration Crate! This month they’re taking us to Thailand.. we are soooo excited for this!
what's in the exploration crate
Everything that we received in our Exploration Crate! There is so much yummy goodness in this box!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. One explains the passport and one lists each of the items included in the box
Your first box will come with a passport and for each country you go to you’ll receive a sticker that you can place in your passport to show each country you’ve “visited”
sanghai wafers
We received two each of these wafer sticks. There was both strawberry and chocolate
While these were both yummy the strawberry was our personal favorite! These were a lot like our own sugar wafers in the US
strawberry pocky made thailand
While you may be saying… Pocky is Japanese isn’t it? You’re only “sort of” right. this flavor strawberry is manufactured in Thailand and many flavors of Pocky are manufactured throughout Asia. No matter where it comes from though, it’s delish!
Choco Pie
choco pie
These taste a bit like a moon pie. There are two vanilla cookies sandwiched around a creamy center and then dipped in a chocolate ganache – creating a decadent treat! Whle we were familiar with these this was a fun one to share with the kids! The kids loved this! 
We received two packages of these banana flavored cakes. Imagine a Little Debbie with a banana flavor and you’ve got one of these!
This was super soft and mildly sweet!
We received 4 of these coffee flavored hard candies. These were perfect for us! We’re definitely going to be looking for these next time we are at an exotic foods store or possibly Amazon!
This tamarind flavored candy is sweet and fruity. This was a huge hit with the kids. We love how little these guys were! We received four in our Exploration Crate
Coconut Milk Cracker
These sweet crackers have a mild coconut flavor and a lot of crunch!
We received two packs which was a total of four crackers. The kids preferred these to the other cracker style we received but we’re pretty sure that’s because these were sweet!
These rice crackers are just mildly flavored with soy sauce and also pack a crunchy punch. These were a bit bigger than the Coconut crackers and were our favorite of the two!
And again, there were two packs with 2 crackers in each
These delicious potato sticks were flavored with chicken and were the big winner of this box. Everyone loved these and the bag was HUGE!
These weren’t crunchy – they were more of a soft stick and the flavor was excellent! Hint Hint: There are no more left!
Mama Ramen
mama ramen
We used to love Mama Ramen Noodles and haven’t had them in so long! These are duck flavored and while we haven’t had a chance to eat them yet, we can’t wait! All we have to do is mix these with hot water and badabing badaboom we have lunch!
Bento Dried Squid
bento dried squid
This squid jerky is SPICY! With exception of our oldest daughter the kids wouldn’t come near this! Which means… we could keep it all to ourselves! Muahhahaha!
There’s was a LOT in this package and it really looked interesting! The sweet and spicy flavor was great!
tao kae no
Tao-Kae-No simply means big roll. This is the original flavor which is both salty and sweet.  They’re made with grilled seaweed and make the perfect compliment to sticky rice!
We also received a spicy Big Roll! This was Tom Yum Goong flavored and had all the trademarks of the classic Big Roll with some added heat!
These were salty and tasty! We enjoyed both!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Exploration Crate is an awesome way to experience the flavors of the world without ever having to leave your house! The presentation is awesome – everything arrives perfectly and we love the addition of the passport to really bring the traveling theme full circle. The quality is great – these are all authentic brands that are unique to this month’s country. And curation is amazing. We love that this subscription has it’s price options sorted like plane tickets and that it really feels like you learn a bit about the monthly destination. Many of the snacks that were included we’d never heard of before and they did a really wonderful job of putting this all together! A+ for Exploration Crate

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