Bella Box Tween Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2017

bella box review
Bella Box Tween is a monthly subscription box for tweens. Each box contains 7 super cute  items tailored to your tween including a piece of designer jewelry! Perfect for ages 7-12, each box costs $34.95. Additionally, there are Bella Boxes for adults, one with just beauty products for $34.95 and the other with beauty and jewelry for $39.95
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the bella box
Our first glimpse inside our Bella Boxes‘. We received 2 boxes – one for Isabelle and one for Penelope. 
Everything that we received in our Bella Boxes! These boxes are LOADED with goodies for girls. The top picture is the 9 year old Bella Box and the bottom is the 7 year old Bella Box

So what is all this stuff?

Belle’s Box

Diary Set
The first item in Belle’s Box was a Shimmer & Shine Diary set that included rubber stamps and ink, stickers, a fluffy pen, sequins and of course a diary! We had no idea what this show was – the kids had to clue us in
Barbie Princess DVD
barbie princess dvd
Barbie is a huge hit with the kids in our house (even Oliver) so this was a win!
Branch Keychain
branch keychain
This little Branch figurine from Trolls makes a great keychain and comes with his own hair brush! We love that he is the color version of Branch!
Our Bella Boxes came in 2 packages there was THAT much stuff! This was one of the items that made our package so big – a Barbie! Belle had literal hearts in her eyes when she saw this.
Beauty and the Beast Poster Book
beauty and the beast poster book
Ain’t even gonna lie… we kind of wanted to keep this for ourselves! This is one of our favorite movies of all time!
There were a total of 12 posters in all
This Mrs. Potts may be our personal favorite!
Princess Belle!
Beanie Boo
beanie boo
The kids love Beanie Boos! Must be something about their big eyes! This Lisa Frank-esque cheetah is super cute and was probably Belle’s favorite item
Her name is Dotty!
Tinkerbell Watch
There was a watch in this box! 
This adorable watch is perfect for any little princess!
Palace Pet
palace pet
Uh… because what princess box would be complete without a Palace Pet! We received Olive!
Temporary Tattoos
This assortment of metallic temporary tattoos make great bracelets!
Enjoy the regal life with a regal tiara! This pretty head piece is in rose gold and has tons of bling!!
This month’s jewelry was a necklace and bracelet with assorted silver and gold charms as well as some pearls. We would totally wear this ourselves!
These pieces are so pretty and so much fun!

Penny’s Box

Barbie Poodle
barbie poodle
Penny named this dog “Fifi” and really loves it! When we told the curator about Penny’s tastes we made sure to mention that Penny isn’t in to too much pink or anything overly girly… we never would have chosen this for her ourselves but she LOVES it! So props to them on making a good call!
A Cinderella Story
a cinderella story
Who can’t use a little Hillary Duff in their life? We may watch this with the girls and make it a girls only night!
Emoji Purse
sequined emoji purse
This emoji purse was Penny’s favorite item… because it combined two things – emojis and reversible sequins!
As you can see you can turn this bag into all black sequins! Just so you know she’s been carrying “Fifi” around in here!
Apple Blossom Shopkin Figurine
apple blossom shopkin figurine
This super cute shopkin figurine is a great addition to a tween box! If I know anything about my girls it’s that they like to collect things!
This is made from a really solid poly material
Tiara Headband
This cute headband is made to look like a tiara. A little less over the top for those self conscious 9 and 10 year olds!
Poster Pets Book
This book is adorable! full of pull out posters and animal stickers – it was a huge hit
So many stickers of all the cutest of cute animals!
We love the quality of these poster pages!
Moana Activity Book
moana activity book
This book is full of fun activities, trivia and crafts all based around the Moana Movie!
This is great because it’s an activity that will keep the kiddos entertained and oh my… we need it over the summer months!
Gold Hair Clips
These golden hair clips are perfect for any of your boho hair-dos!
Flower Headband
Perfectly compliment your boho hair clips with this flower headband! So pretty in purple and white!
Shopkins Nail Set
shopkins nail set
This little briefcase has a full Shopkins nail set!
There were decals and two polishes, one was a lacquer and the other a glitter!
Temporary Tattoos
These pretty metallic jewelry inspired temporary tattoos are a fun way for young girls to accessorize!

The jewelry was the same in this box as it was in Belle’s. This is great because it means they won’t fight over it!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Bella Box is a wonderful box that makes the PERFECT gift. We can’t tell you how happy the girls were to receive these and how fun we thought these were ourselves! The presentation is great. Everything arrives perfectly. The quality is wonderful, all the items are name brand and there are really nice toys and accessories! And curation is so amazing… we seriously don’t think Bella Box could have done a better job of bringing this all together for the girls. Their boxes were perfect!

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