Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | July 2017

freedom japanese market review
Freedom Japanese Market is a monthly Japanese snack subscription box. There are three different box options; the Puchi which contains 5-8 snacks and candies and costs $14.99, the Original which contains 12-16 snacks and candies including a DIY candy kit for $24.99 and finally, the Family Pack which contains DOUBLE the Original Box and costs $45.99. With each subscription the longer you prepay the more of a discount you receive. Each package comes with a unique origami each month
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the freedom japanese market box
Our first glimpse inside the Freedom Japanese Market Box
what's in the freedome japanese market box
Everything that we received in our July Freedom Japanese Market Box. This is the original box and it’s FULL of stuff!

So what is all that stuff?

Our box insert and origami
It’s a Happi Coat worn in Japan during summer festivities
The reverse details each of the items that we received this month in our Original Box

Umi no Ikimono Gummy
umi no ikimono gummy
This DIY candy kit allows you to make your own candy sea creatures! All you have to do is add water! The DIY kits come in both the original and family boxes
Gummy Vitamin C
gummy vitamin c
Get your dose of Vitamin C with these yummy gummy candies! These were included in the original and family boxes
Suica no Tane Ramune
suica no tane ramume
These ramune candies taste like watermelon and are shaped like watermelon seeds – they came in all three boxes for July
The kids LOVED these, what fun!
Tahato Uracara Corn
tahato uracara corn
Puffed corn flavored with garlic make these a savory form of yummy Tahato! These were included in both the original and family packs for July
The yummy light puffs are addictive!
Creamy Collon
creamy collon
These crispy layered wafers have a creamy lemon center. These were delicious – our personal box favorite!
These kind of look like combos but taste so wonderful! These were included in all three boxes this month
Onigiri Senbei
onigiri senbei
These soy flavored crackers added a little umami to this box! These could be found in all three boxes this month
Cocoa Bolo
cocoa bolo
These cocoa flavored puffs taste A LOT like Cocoa Puffs… these were a hit with the whole house
These could be found in both the original and family boxes this month
Lucky Cone
lucky cone
These little salty corn puffs are a mix of sweet and salty and we love their cute little package
Having the same consistency as Tahato just smaller these puffs were in all three boxes this month
Soda Gum
soda gum
This was a bonus in both the original and family boxes for July. This sweet gum stick is super long!
GyuTan Umaibo
gyutan umaibo
Umaibo are puffed corn sticks that come in a wide variety of flavors! This one is flavored like cow tongue. As strange as it sounds – this was delicious! These were in all three boxes for July
Ichigo Mugi
ichigo mugi
These little pink strawberry flavored chocolates are made to look like pieces of grain. These were definitely the kids favorite item from this box – and we have to say we quite liked them ourselves. These could be found in all three boxes this month
Otsumami Time
otsumami time
This mini cracker and nut assortment is soy sauce flavored and YUMMY!
These could be found in both the original and family boxes for July
Sugar Rusk Umaibo
sugar rusk umaibo
Our second umaibo this month was a much sweeter variety – this was a  twiced baked sugary bread flavored tube! This was in all three boxes for July

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Freedom Japanese Market Box is a wonderful way to keep the fun and exotic treats comin’! We love the variety and the fact that it’s something we can share with the kids. The presentation is awesome, everything arrives perfectly despite it’s long journey. The quality is great – lots of big Japanese brand names! And curation is super! We love the variety and the kids get so excited when they see this box come in the mail! Freedom Japanese Market is our favorite snack subscription!

Check Out Freedom Japanese Market

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