Sephora Play! Review by Earl Andrea | August 2017

sephora play august review
Sephora Play! is a $10 a month subscription from beauty giant Sephora. We were lucky enough that Andrea is letting us use her review for the blog this month so we can get her thoughts on the products!
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Here’s the Box Breakdown
what's in august sephora play
Everything in the August Sephora Play! Box. This box is a “Beauty Hacks” box and includes a lot of cool stuff!

So what is all this stuff?

Kat Von D Mini Perfume
kat von d mini perfume
I love getting these mini perfumes … I keep them in my car, my purse and in my gym bag … so much easier then finding space for a bottle I paid a small fortune for… these smell good even though I’m anti Kat Von D right now, I’ll keep them!
Too Faced Mascara Melt Off
too faced mascara melt off
With all the mascara I use, I am ecstatic to try this tonight! No matter what kind of makeup remove I use, it never comes all the way off… I’ll update on this once I try it out..
Clinique High Impace Mascara
clinique high impact mascara
If you have never used a primer before mascara GO BUY SOME NOW!!! It’s one of the best things that’s happened to me in my life! I enjoy getting these mini mascara too. Simply because who wants to spend $40 on something with a month shelf life?! Plus I use different ones depending on which look I’m going for so, I like to have a few on hand…
Mini Beauty Blenders
mini beauty blenders
These stupid things are so expensive but, a necessity.. mine now is a two headed one yet the bottom isn’t even close to this small.. I’m curious to see how this works around my eyes..
GlamGlow Volcasmic
glamglow volcasmic
I love all of the glamglow products I have tried to date.. this one I have not tried yet… it’s supposed to leave a matte glow so, we will see… I am confident in this product though based on my experience with the rest of the line..
Alterna Volumizer
alterna volumizer
My hair is flat… I can’t wait to try this tomorrow.. should add volume and texture without the stiffness!

So in summary

All this for $10 is well worth it… especially if your indecisive like me and can’t just pick one! Or are always trying new things! I’ve been getting these for 6 months now and I don’t think I’ve yet to get anything I havnt used.. many times I do splurge for the full size because I love the products so much!

Check Out Sephora Play!

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