EsianMall Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2017

esianmall box review
EsianMall is a monthly Japanese snack subscription box with a variety of options. Choose from their snack or tee subscription and from there you can choose your gender and the type of candy you like as well as what types of snacks interest you. Next, you’ll choose your favorite type of geek items. Finally, you’ll choose your preferred size.There are 3 different sizes; the Mini that contains 5-6 items for $14.95 monthly, the Medium contains 8-10 snacks and costs $29.99, finally the Deluxe contains 12-14 snacks and costs $40.95 monthly
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Here’s the Box Breakdown
what's in the esian mall box
Everything that we received in our EsianMall Box. This is a great mix of not only snack items but also cooking items!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert – the theme is “Get Out & Snack Out”
Myojo Chukazanmai
These noodles came in the oriental flavor and were super delicious and simple to make!
We had these as a late night snack while watching a Netflix movie!
Earl Grey Milk Tea
instant earl gray milk tea
This single serving tea bag makes sweet and delicious earl grey milk tea! This was our absolute favorite item included in this box, it tasted a lot like bubble tea! We’ll need to get some more of these.

Murakawa Gum
murakawa gum
This fruit flavored gum is delicious! We’ve tried this before and were excited we’d get a chance to share it with the kids! We received three flavors – orange, grape and strawberry!
Bourbon Lubera
bourbon lubera
These crispy buttery sticks are rolled out as thin as can be and then rolled up to create a delicious and crunchy wafer  cookie! Great with your milk tea!
Fish Well Seasoned Radish
fish well seasoned radish
This spicy seasoning made with radish can be used in your cooking or eaten right from the bag! We haven’t had a chance to try this yet but can not wait to sample this exotic flavor!
Culbee Honey Barbecue Potato Chips
culbee honey barbecue potato chips
This large bag of potato chips had a uniquely sweet and salty flavor. This was a hit with everyone in our house and there was definitely enough to go around!
They look so much like a regular potato chip but tastes so delicious!
Zhoujunji Chuancai Flavoring
We’re thinking this means “Sichuan” and is intended for Hot-Pot meals and twice fried pork. We have to say we love that this box comes with items used to cook and not just snacks.
Matcha Gummies
These fun flavored gummies taste like Matcha! Lightly coated with sugar, these are sure to make you smile!
We aren’t sure if these are caffeinated but still a great snack for your purse or desk
We also received four of these small caramels. The wrapper almost reminds us of a bouillon cube!
But they certainly were anything but, creamy and sweet – these caramels make a decadent treat!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The EsianMall Box is a wonderful way to get a great mix of snacks from Japan. We personally loved that this box includes cooking ingredients which sets it apart from other snack boxes that we’ve tried. The presentation is awesome – we love the box and everything arrives perfectly. The quality is great. All tasty and authentic products. And curation was wonderful – they’ve tried the best snacks and have done the legwork for us and all we have to do is sit back and enjoy! We love EsianMall

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