Mishi Box Beauty Subscription Review by Nicole | August 2017

mishi august box review
Mishi box is a Korean beauty subscription that ships 5-6 full size and Deluxe sample size items each month. What’s cool about it is they supply genuine Korean beauty products but they ship from the United States so if you don’t want to wait for shipping to come all the way from Japan or Korea this is the box for you at $19.99 a month i think its,a great K-beauty box.They also launched a new sheet mask subscription for $13.95 a month where you will get eight to ten curated Korean mask products. Alright let’s bust out in these awesome products.
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Donkey Milk Gel Mask from Freeset
donkey milk freeset
This is the spotlight product in this box possibly because they started the mask box. This sheet mask is made with natural ingredients for moisturizing and helping to soothe the skin it suggests to use it whenever your skin is irritated during break out or after the beach. I found this Mask to be wonderful, it did have the plastic backing on it which I do like so once I took the backing off I applied it to my face it fit great. I find some masks don’t fit very well this one fit beautifully and after the allotted 20 minutes I took it off and patted the rest of the essence into my face and my skin felt soft and supple and very refreshed. I really enjoyed this face mask and I do them often, 4 times a week at least and this was by far one of the best ones I’ve done.
Healing Green Tea Tissues from The Saem
healing green tea tissues from the saem
How adorable is this little package super convenient to keep in your purse or your car I love it. These tissues contain organic green tea extract to balance oil and moisture and help your skin not dry out and they smell amazing.
I am definitely going to buy another package of these once they run out. They made my skin feel very clean also did a good job removing small amounts of makeup but I can imagine you’d have to use a lot to get rid of heavy eye makeup.
Dream Honey Patch from Skin Factory
honey patch from skin factory
These are the first under eye patches I’ve used and I actually noticed a difference once I took them off I really enjoyed using these. They contain adenosine to prevent wrinkles also honey and witch hazel. They apply like any other eye patches you leave them on for 20 to 40 minutes and pat the remaining Essence into your skin.
Soroci Mild Lotion
soroci mild lotion
This lotion smells amazing it worked beautifully on my skin it absorbed super fast and I had no greasy residue left at all sometimes facial lotion can make my face feel greasy and this definitely didn’t. 
The Sleek minimalist design of the bottle will look beautiful on your vanity. This is definitely going into my regular skin care routine.
Revecen Neo Pigment Powder
revecen neo pigment powder
The pigment of this powder is beautiful my one complaint would be the applicator when you pull the wand out of the bottle it tends to go everywhere not a lot but enough to make a bit of a mess. Just powder can be used as a highlighter and eyeshadow or you can add it to lip gloss to put on your lips. There were seven different color variations in the boxes. I got number 06 Jazz Brown which is probably the color I would have chosen anyway. (Swatched below).

So in summary

I love the August Mishibox. I will definitely use all of these products my favorite being the lotion or the tissues. The value of the products was $50 which is amazing for a $20 box. I believe that they ship all throughout the month also which is very nice. There is a page on their website that shows how to read Korean expiration dates and there’s also shipping schedules. And I definitely recommend mishibox or mishimask if you’re looking to get a subscription for K beauty products

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