ElleBox Tween Welcome Box Review | August 2017

ellebox august review
 This is the first period box I ever got and upon first look I was very pleasantly surprised. Besides the 4 pantyliners & 14 Pads, which are organic, chemical & BPA free, and hypoallergenic, there were other items meant to help a young lady have a better period. ElleBox has 2 different box choices. The Necessities box which is only pads, tampons or both is $10 monthly or the Comfort box that has pads and/or tampons, chocolate and tea, and 2 self care gifts for you is $35 monthly.


    The pads are regular absorbency standard length with wings. Pantyliners seem to be the standard size also, both have a soft cottony top layer. The pads come in a cloth like wrapper which is a big hit with my daughter. She likes to be as quiet as possible when using a pad in a public or school restroom.

Mermaid Kiss Bath Bomb
mermaid kiss bath bomb
   Next we have Mermaid Kiss bath bomb. This is the BEST smelling bath bomb I have ever smelled. My daughter was so happy to receive this.This bath bomb is from QueenBBathandBeauty a shop on Etsy. Retail Value is $8.28.use code ELLEBOX and recieve10% off your order.
Smart Sweets Gummies
Next up are Smart Sweets Gummy Bears. These adorable little bears are high in fiber, low in sugar, gmo free, and other good for you ingredients. But I have to be honest and these were not very good tasting at all. They were very hard and all sour and no sweet which I am sure will be a hit with a lot of people but we were not fans of these bears :(. appx $4 a bag Canadian currency is all i could find.  
Coffee Scrub from Scrub Supply Co.
scrub supply scrub
Coffee face and body scrub by Scrub Supply Co. This 100% Vegan scrub from Canada is a welcome product for your time of the month a lot of teens/women get breakouts with their period so this scrub can help scrub away dirt and oil from your pores to help keep those nasty breakouts to a minimum. 

Inside the bottom of the box is some information about organic Feminine products and TSS, which I thought was great especially for teens. I never really thought about the Importance of chemical free tampons and pads until my daughter needed them, and I am very happy that there company’s like ElleBox to not only deliver organic pads but gifts too.

So in summary

My final thoughts of this box were Great I think its a great deal especially for teens. Periods are crappy as it is so a monthly box filled with items you need and a few extra to make you feel better during this time is always a plus. You can sign up with the link below.

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