Jackie’s Chocolate Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2017

jackie's chocolate subscrition box
Jackie’s Chocolate Subscription Box sends you a monthly themed box of chocolates made from Grandma Jackie’s traditional recipes. There are three subscription options; “A Little Taste” contains 5-6 pieces and costs $9.95 monthly, “Let’s Indulge” (what we’re reviewing) contains 10-12 pieces and costs $19.95 monthly, finally “Enough to Share” contains 20-24 pieces and costs $39.95 monthly. Use code TREE25  to save 25% OFF any subscription – plus if you prepay you’ll get an even bigger discount! 
*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the jackie's chocolate box
Our first glimpse inside the Jackie’s Chocolate Subscription Box
Everything is packaged so it doesn’t melt with cold packs! This is really nice especially in the summer months
what's in the jackie's chocolate box
Everything that we received in our Jackie’s Chocolate Subscription Box. The theme for this box is “Jackie’s Favorites” which is a showcase of some of their most popular chocolates. 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
The reverse details the theme of this month’s box and has a picture of Grandma Jackie!
These hard candies were used to decorate the box (of which everything was purple)
We received 14 pieces of chocolate total (we ate one in the unboxing) and each was gorgeous (and delicious).
There wasn’t a sheet that told us what each chocolate was so we’re going on our own palette for this. This a milk chocolate walnut fudge and tasted delicious!
This chocolate had a creamy peanutty center!
We love the different flavors from Jackie’s Chocolate.
These two chocolates were coated in white chocolate and had a creamy center. We shared these with the kiddos!
You can see the nuts in this dark chocolate covered candy!
This was full of almonds and so delicious!
This chocolate ball had a companion that we ate during the unboxing. This had the most unique and beautiful flavor! 
The center had a nutmeg and cinnamon filling that was warm and calming!
Each chocolate was different yet delicious. We were impressed with not only the flavors but the chocolate itself which was creamy and good
We gave this chocolate to Oliver and he absolutely loved it – we have to admit that he was initially intrigued by the sprinkles
Most of the chocolate that we received is milk chocolate but Jackie’s has so many offerings – there’s something for everyone!
This chocolate was our favorite
The center had a whipped vanilla cream with a layer of caramel around it – making it very decadent!
This chocolate had an almost fudge like center that we thought was really interesting
Big pieces of nuts and a creamy fudgey center! 
We were really happy that the assortment was mainly milk chocolate (we appreciate chocolate but prefer milk)
We had no problem finishing off these tasty treats! The kids were ecstatic to see we’d received chocolate in a subscription!

So in summary

We can’t break this subscription down the way we normally do because we know what we’re getting when we subscribe to Jackie’s Chocolate but we can say that this chocolate is delicious and the unique fillings and textures make it a true treat. We love that Jackie’s Chocolate hand selects the chocolate around a theme and that they have a subscription for everyone. What’s most nice is the care they take in packaging the boxes – everything is shipped with cold packs and wrapped in their signature purple! What an awesome gift! Never miss a birthday, Mother’s Day or any special event again!
And don’t forget use code TREE25 for 25% OFF any subscription

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