Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review | August 2017

geekfuel august box
Geek fuel is a monthly Subscription box that includes exclusive items like T-shirts, games, collectibles and a enamel geek fuel pin. Its $18.90 +shipping for a total of $24.90 unless you pre-pay for multiple months. This Box was much larger than the usual box and included an exclusive Wonder Woman item.

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 Here we have a HUGE Groot Dorbz XL and it is definitely XL. I put Groot next to my regular size Captain America dorbz and you can see his gigantic size. This guy retail ranges from $14-25 online which almost covers the cost of this box. There were other XL Dorbz too, like Robin & Stay-puff marshmallow guy. We are very happy with receiving Groot he is our Fav.
Superman Epic Enamels Pin one of the bad boys comes in each box. There are always a bunch of different ones too some of which are RARE and I have seen rare ones sell for quite a bit on ebay.  
Back to the future style Time Travelers luggage tag. Has a loop to connect to luggage or a backpack perfect for back to school. The other size has info spot to fill in. This tag is made out of rubber and seems very durable for a backpack even for grade school kids. I love the “outatime” logo fits my day perfectly I am always out of time.
Wonder Woman T-Shirt. This is my Favorite item in the Box I absolutely love the vintage 80’s wonder woman logo. This shirt is very well made with thick cotton and double stitching. This is an exclusive shirt to geek fuel, I don’t believe this is available for purchase anywhere else. I am VERY happy to have gotten this in the box I lost all the other items to the kids which is ok by me as long as I got my tee. Retail appx $15-17 I got pricing from other similar items as I could not find this exact shirt.
Spacejacked steam game all of the geek fuel boxes come with a downloadable game. This one has a $10 value My daughter loaded this up on her laptop pretty quickly and said that the game’s graphics were as old as I am and was not even 2D…lol so I think its a perfect addition to this box which has an 80’s feel to me that I love.
Last we have the Geek Fuel Magazine that also comes in every box. It has info about the items and/or company’s that participated this month, also sometimes has info about up and coming boxes, video games, movies and other geeky stuff.

Nicole’s Notes

This was my first Geek fuel box actually my first Geek/Gaming themed box and overall I was very happy with it. The Dorbz and shirt were Amazing items to get together in the same box. I would say the retail is over $60 so for the $25 to have it sent to your door is great. All the items are great quality which is  un-common in a lot of boxes like this have 1 or 2 quality items and the rest are”filler” items. I am excited to see the spoilers for the September box. Clink the link below to get you geek fuel box. Thanks for checking out my review 🙂

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