Club SciKidz Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2017

club scikidz review
Club SciKidz is a monthly STEM subscription box for children. Each month brings a new career themed box full of activities and experiments that will delight both children and adults. Your first box will also include googles and a lab notebook as well as a couple fun scientific extras! Subscriptions are $29.95 monthly
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the club scikidz box
Our first glimpse inside the Club SciKidz Box
what's in the club scikidz box
Everything that we received in our “Astronomy” themed Club SciKidz Box. We were super excited for this mix of items!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert and activity guide. The insert details each of the items that we received and the guide instructs us how to use them as well as gives us definitions of some of the terms. There’s also a special section that covers a scientist and a book in the field we’re learning about that month!
Moon Rocks Candy
moon rocks candy
Each box comes with a little snack or candy that fits the theme. This box had Moon Rocks – little jelly beans that look like space rocks!
You can imagine the kids were very excited for these!
Pocket Starfinder
pocket starfinder
This starfinder was included for our starfinder activity.
The activity guide gives specific activities that help children to better understand the night sky!
Pocket Rocket Activity
pocket rocket activity
If there is one thing that we enjoy it’s the wonder that kids feel when they experience scientific “magic”. So we were excited to see we’d get to share a bit of that with them on this project. Included were a film canister, 3 sheets of goldenrod paper, a template and a pack of alka seltzer
Our goldenrod paper we’ll use to blast the rocket off on 
Our rocket cone and fin template
We got all our materials ready and set out on building our rocket!
First we wrapped a white sheet of paper around a film canister and securely taped it
Then we cut out our fins and cone
Then attach them to our rocket
Finally we add some alka seltzer and warm water and just wait for it to blast off!
Eclipse Glasses
And of course – what would this box have been without some proper eclipse glasses! These even had the date on them!
Here we are checking out the view!
Telescope Activity
This activity gives you everything you need to build your own at home telescope. These two cardboard tubes are the actual “scope”
Also included were lenses, a cardboard washer, a foam insert and two red caps along with some fun star stickers!
We’re not going to go into the step by step here because we kind of forget… needless to say it involves inserting lenses (quite carefully) into the tubes and spaces
In the end we had a telescope!
Another great addition to this box was this Tektite. A Tektite is formed when a meteorite collides with earth… the crater spews out rocks going really fast and that are molten hot. As they rise into the atmosphere they cool down and are shaped by their velocity and then finally descend back to earth. What a cool rock to look at!
The one we received was found in Asia!

UV Bracelet
uv bracelet
We received a pipe cleaner and ten beads to string up as a bracelet. 
Additionally, we received this Electromagnetic Spectrum Chart
Belle really enjoyed doing this one since it was a bit more “crafty”
You could string the beads any way you liked… then just go outside
And watch your beads change color! This was pretty impressive!
Mars Mud
Slime is everything right now and we got some! This glow in the dark “Mars Mud” was a huge hit with the kids
And a fun and tactile addition to the box!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Club SciKidz Box is a wonderful way to enjoy quality time with your kids that is simultaneously educational. This is our absolute favorite kids box. Ever. Presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is awesome, we receive everything we need and everything is easy to understand and carry out. Curation is excellent. We love the themes that they come up with and how many activities are included with each box. There’s seriously enough for weeks of entertainment if you include the Micro Experiments. And what we love most is that the kids look forward to this box and ask for it… so they’re as excited as us about it!

Check Out Club SciKidz

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