Divine you Crafts Subscription Box Review | May 2017

I received (2) past boxes to review and to do at the center I volunteer at. The first box I opened is the May 2017 box. We will be making paper mache Energy clearing bowls. These are not regular craft boxes, these are much much more. All the boxes  include a stone of the month along with a card to explain about the stone and it’s uses. You will also find a card from the divine you card deck.  Each card has a word this month its “clear” You will find quotes and other uses and meanings of your word. An instructional card with practices of mindful thinking, visualizations, and ways to help you clear your head before and while doing your craft.

Our “Clear” card from the divine deck and moonstone with the instructional paper. I LOVE how the stone comes with a cheat sheet. I can’t speak for everyone but I am sure there are a lot of people like me who are not familiar with the uses and different properties of stones and crystals. I was very happy to learn about the moonstone, and how to use it properly.I need all the help I can get  with 3 kids, 2 dogs and all the work that comes with them. 🙂
This is everything that came in the box. We even got paint and foam brushes for painting and adding mod-podge. The only other things we really need are saran wrap & scissors, that’s what I call all-inclusive.
A bag of Himalayan salt and an assortment of crystal, stones, and there a few infinity charms in here too we also got a bag of sea salt but I thought it was some glue mix so I did not take an individual picture I apologize. We will be using these to put inside our bowls. Its hard to tell from the picture but the crystals and stones in this bag are beautiful and there is such a large variety. 
We got so many different colors, textures, and patterns of decorative paper for the paper mache. I love the music sheets and old novel pages. So many different options to chose from I cannot wait to do these at the center.
The plastic bowls we will be covering in the paper. The instruction papers say that these can be replaced with bigger or different shape bowls of your choice. I like the smaller size of these bowls the stones and salt will be perfect in them.
We got 3 different color acrylic paints blue, black, and metallic gold. Any color paints can be used to create the color scheme to match your decor in your home or wherever you will be using your clearing bowls. We also got a the same size bottle of mod-podge  I think I will put one in my bedroom in my home, where  hopefully they will help me be calm for easier meditation and sleeping which I have a hard time with both lately. 
The instruction sheet is very extensive. It has many options for your bowls. The step-by-step instructions seem pretty easy to follow. Also tons of info about the purpose of the bowls and each items that we use in them like why’s, how’s and to’s of using these in your space. and what they will do to help you. 

Nicole’s Notes: 

I am just amazed by this box from the items that came inside to the information I learned just by un-boxing, reading, and writing this review.  This is BY FAR my favorite craft box I have ever gotten.  $34.95 a month is worth it for everything you get. I am going to post an update when I complete this craft. If you would like to get your own divine you craft box you can order at:

Divine You Crafts and use code: NL222 to receive a free Om pendant with any order

Om pendant

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