New England’s Finest Subscription Box Review + Coupon + Unboxing | August 2017

new england's finest review
New England’s Finest is a gourmet food subscription that sends you products from the finest artisans in the Northeast. Subscriptions are $49 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription terms. Use code notatree10 for 10% OFF your order. 
*product was received free for review

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the new england's finest box
Our first glimpse inside the New England’s Finest Box
what's in the new england's finest box
Everything that we received in our New England’s Finest Box for August. The theme was “Picnic for Two” and contained everything you need to have a fabulous summer picnic.

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
Everything that we received is listed inside.
better than average peach jam
This simple yet delicious four ingredient jam comes from New Hampshire and at prime peach picking time. A sweet and delicate jam that reminds us of Grandma’s house makes a perfect addition to your picnic!
potlicker kitchen raspberry jam
And because variety is the spice of life – they’ve included this more complex flavored jam for us to enjoy as well. Made in Vermont with raspberries and sweetened with maple syrup, this jam’s most complex note comes from it’s infusion with hardwood smoke.
Made with minimal ingredients you won’t be disappointed in this sweet treat!
jack's crackers
Three unique flavors comprise these New Hampshire made crackers: tomato, basil and asiago cheese. Surprisingly, these are delicious with both of the jams included and were a huge hit with the kids
And to boot these were baked, not fried so they’re a healthier alternative than most other store bought chips!
jan's farmhouse cranberry crisps
Handcrafted in Vermont this mildly sweet crisp has huge chunks of cranberry and pistachio with a hint of rosemary to balance the flavor. These contain no artificial or processed ingredients and have no GMO’s!
We enjoyed these with some feta cheese, super tasty!
vermont salumi
Using pork that is free of antibiotics, Vermont Salumi uses simple ingredients and wonderful flavors. This salami is seasoned with red wine, garlic and crack pepper. Additionally they also offer a chorizo and fennel flavored salami.
This looks delicious and Mr. I’m Not a Tree couldn’t wait to get his hands on this!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The New England’s Finest Box is a wonderful way to get gourmet foods that you’d otherwise never know about and we LOVE the themed boxes. The presentation is excellent, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is amazing – all of the foods are made using quality ingredients and are expertly crafted. And curation was awesome. We love the picnic theme and everything worked into that! Great box from New England’s Finest!

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