BitchyBox Subscription Review | August 2017

Today I got THE BEST box I have ever gotten in the mail. If you are a woman and have a little bit of a sick sense of humor (like me!!) and despise your nature made “monthly gift” then this box is definitely something you need in your life. The Bitchy Box or “Angry Va-Jay-Jay survival kit” is a monthly period box that was founded by 2 sisters first as a joke that turned in to a business to give women something that they actually look forward to each month, along with the thing they don’t.So they curated a box with humor, goodies and practical items, minus the tampons and pads instead you get AMAZING period related badass gifts and other items to make your monthly misery a little bit more comfortable and a lot more funny. So lets check out these bloody items…lol This months theme is “Waves of Disaster”

*received free for review

Hairbrained Design Panties

OMG …How funny are these panties from: Hairbrained Design and going along with the theme they feature a little hula chick riding the crimson wave on her maxi-pad surfboard. I am so in love, These undies are top quality fabric the elastic waist and leg bands are soft and fit nice and snug no wedgies when wearing these bad boys.
The front area of the inside is solid black so you can say bub-bye to annoying blood stains. I believe a pair of period panties comes in every Bitchy Box and all the designs I have seen are equally as funny with beautiful artwork and vibrant colors.

Fred & Friends Tea Infuser

Fred and Friends Tea infuser is the cutest infuser I have ever seen. There were variations of this lil guy. I also saw an octopus which was adorable as well. This is so simple just pop off his head and fill with your favorite loose tea and give him a soak. Even for people that don’t drink tea this manatee is so cute!
I’m sure anyone can find a spot in their house for him. 
Loose Leaf Karma Tea
What good is a super cute tea infuser without some loose tea to put inside. Loose leaf Karma Tea (assorted flavors) is a wonderful item to have in this box. A nice hot cup of tea can work wonders for cramps or just to help relax anytime. I got the Rishi apple ginsing flavor and It smells and tastes like apple pie. I have to confess I am not a tea drinker but, this tea was so very flavorful. I added 2 teaspoons of sugar and to my surprise I enjoyed it very much. This is the first tea that I drank because I liked it. Making it was so much fun too. 

Salt Water Taffy
What kind of period box would this be without a sweet treat. Salt water taffy by Sweet’s Candy are a welcome treat. These are so soft and flavorful they reminded me of the ones I got as a child at Cape Cod but so much better. The creamsicle flavor was my favorite, it tasted exactly like it should be frozen on a stick. These lasted appx 10 mins or less in my house with the kids and husband I did feel lucky to get one. These are $20 for a 3lb variety pack. I received about 15 in my bag.

Tony Moly Sheet Mask
Tony Moly I’m Real seaweed mask sheet. I am a sheet mask addict, I use at least 4 a week, my girls use them too. Tony Moly are the best sheets that I’ve used. They just fit really well and don’t leave my skin sticky after at all. They have 3 layered pulp sheet with emulsion essences that cleanse your skin and make it glow. Sheet masks always make for a relaxing experience. I love that they use all natural oils and other natural ingredients. $6 for a 2-pk on Tonymoly site.
Scalp Massager
So my fist reaction was like what the heck is this. I honestly thought it was a whisk of some sort. After reading the product info card I discovered this is a scalp massager. Boy was I surprised, and let me tell you this thing feels amazing not just on your head but elbows and knees too. This little helper will ease my carpel tunnel pain as my hubby likes me to rub his head ever so softly every night. So now he can do it himself..YESSSS..Thank You BitchyBox 🙂


  Also included each month are a couple hilarious period pun recipes. This month we got Crimson Wave Cobbler and Crimson Cocktail. The alcoholic recipes can be made virgin and any fruit can be used in the  cobbler too. I love that the recipes are pretty easy to make for the lady or girl that might be new to the kitchen.

Nicole’s Notes:

My thought of this box is obliviously that is THE BEST!! Every woman deserves a gift like this each month. The Lovely Ladies that curate this box have every period symptom in mind when choosing the products to put in. Humor is so important in life in general but extra doses are always welcome when we feel bloated, nasty, and miserable. That right there is the #1 reason to subscribe oh yeah, and all the cool stuff too. I personally love this box and everything in it. If you are looking for an awesome period subscription but are happy with your usual sanitary products then jump on the angry vay-jay-jay survival train to make your next period a little less miserable and depressing. There are 3 different subscription cycle plans: -3 month light cycle $66  -6 month Medium cycle $126  and the -12 month Heavy cycle $240.  I hope you enjoyed my review of this badass period box. To get in on the awesomeness click on the link below. Tell them Nicole from Not a Tree Reviews sent you!!!

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