Page Habit Subscription Box Review | August 2017

page habit review
Page Habit is a monthly book subscription that is a lot different than any other book box I’ve gotten. It’s $29.99 +shipping a month. You get to choose the genre that you want each month like YA, horror, mystery , non-fiction – you get the picture. Most book boxes are YA or a certain genre and all subscribers get the same book. Also this book comes with a letter and annotations throughout the novel written by the author, which I found so amazing to read. You get to see what she was thinking or a personal memory or story or doodle she thought of which inspired them to write that chapter or whatever it may be. Page Habit Partners with a different Organization each month to donate books to communities in need around the world. I picked the horror genre and I got 2 paperback horror novels and one small short story by Great Jones Street and other cool bookish goodies like……
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I think these socks are so cool, I would rather these than the hand me wine or beer ones, but that’s just me. These seem to me to be a women’s (or very small men’s) size ankle socks. There are really soft and comfortable I will be using them as my in the house socks and hope someone will actually follow instructions. 
Cactus Pen
How adorable is this little cactus in a pot pen? It writes a very smooth blue ink and fits in its pot pretty well. This pen is more of a decorative desk item and it can be used to write a quick note or number, but it would not be practical or comfortable to write anything longer thank that. This little cactus did indeed put a smile on my face for the entire 5 seconds I got to hold it before my daughter ran off with it. Its definitely a big hit for us

Hello Lucky Bookmark

$5- 9.99

These little guys were my favorite items in this box, these magnetic book marks are not only super cute but they do their job very well. I assumed they would slide down the page and eventually fall off but to my surprise the panda clung to the page of my steampunk Alice book even in the roughest terrain of my gigantic and massively full hangbag. So anything that can survive that deserves 5 stars if not more. I will be using these boys until the magnetic-ness is gone.
Rubber Feather Pens
rubber feather pens
$4.50 (each)
We also got 2 rubber feather pens that write in black ink. I was very happy that there were 2 in the box so my 2 daughters could each have one for school. These pens are very pretty and write very smooth as well.I do have some complaints though first is the caps, when you try to pull them off the entire ink tube pulls out from the inside. There so tight I had to put my fingernail inside the tiny crack where the cap meets the pen to get it off. So that is kind of a hassle to do every time you need to use it unless it loosens u over time. The other is the clear plastic part where the ink comes out is kind of shaped like an X and the tip is in the center and its very sharp and hurts to hold. If you hold your pens up high this will not be a problem for you. 
The Grip of It by Jac Jemc
All throught the novel are annotations on pink post-its which are so fun to read. It makes for a more in depth experience and honestly I love it I just started this book but it’s about a couple who moves into a haunted house.

Alibis by Andre Aciman

alibis by andre aciman
We got a second full size novel in this months box its Alibis By: Andre’ Aciman. This book does not have the annotations in it. The synopsis sounds like this will be a really good book as well. This is an essay style where the author writes about his travels and memories along the way. I personally have never read a novel of this style before but I am eager to start this book. 
Here is the Sooo Cool letter to the page habit Subscribers from the author of get a grip Jac Jemc. Even though this letter is addressed all page habit horror subscribers she still made it seem very personalized. I do get a kick out of all her little doodles on this letter and some on the post-its too. This was such an awesome item to get, I know other book boxes have letters from authors but this is the first one I’ve gotten and was overjoyed. 
The Last Days By Hugh Sheeny
the last days by hugh sheeny
The last book we got was a tiny pocket size short story “The Last Days” by: Hugh Sheeny. Its about a woman who can see the dead I believe. Honestly I could not get into this little book at all and I am a very avid reader. My kids were being crazy when I did try to read it so I definitely will be giving it another chance. If Page Habit thought it was good enough to put in their box then I must try again when Its quiet.
Along with a Page Habit bookmark we received an information card about the August book donations. This month it’s The Beau Book Project and the Catholic University Institute of Beau (CUIB) . Sadly the students have no textbooks and poor internet connections. The students have write down everything the professors read to them then use their notes to study later. By doing that they have no time for things like classroom experiments and research. With the help of this book donation program They can create a library in the school which also will provide 10 desktop computers and special books for farming in Africa. I absolutely Love when a subscription company donates or is involved with any community or global betterment program. Getting information explaining exactly where the money goes and what it helps is so amazing. I know I will always feel good about purchasing Page Habit (which I pay for myself) even if I am really not into the items that month.

Nicole’s Notes

This is my favorite book box for me it surpasses all others. Its very subscriber orientated they let customers choose the genre that they like or one they want to try and it could be horror one month and romance the next. Retail for the items is appx. $75 so I would say That’s a great deal for a $29.99 box. This is the only box I’ve ever seen that has the author annotations. I also Love the info card about who will be getting that months donated books, that is the first card I look for when I get the box. and like I said I pay for my Page Habit box and feel great about it and I get a great book and all the other awesomeness that’s included. If you would like to get a great book, super cool items, and help communities get books then click below to sign up to get your own Page Habit. Thanks for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I’ve help you decide to Purchase a Page Habit Subscription.

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