Orange Peel Box September Spoilers + Coupon

orange peel coupon
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This month box contains:
Sage Spirit Smudge Stick – Sage/Lavender – Purify and cleanse the energy of your home. The wave of smoke will remove all negative energy from your home, your car, or any used item you have purchased. 
PLANTLIFE Aromatherapy Personal Mist – Lavender. Every spray will calm and soothe your spirit. Use as often as needed. 
rareEssence Candle – Meditation. No need to meditate, however, you can just close your eyes and breathe deep for a bit. 
rareEssence Aromatherapy Room Mist – Dream. It is time for a great night sleep. Spray Dream room mist on your pillow and sheets before going to bed.
rareEssence Inhaler – Sleep. A natural alternative for restful sleep. Inhale deep and let the essential oils gently soothe you into a restful sleep.
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